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Making a name for herself with her distinctive looks and amazing persona, Javeriya Yousuf definitely knows how to own the screen. But this talented belle is here to show that when it comes to making an impression, nothing comes easy. People may look for shortcuts to strive ahead, however excellent art speaks for itself and your hardwork and dedication will eventually pay off. While speaking with Social Diary, she let us in on what drives her to continue what she does and how the industry needs a major facelift to reach international standards of excellence.

SD: What attracted you towards the field of modeling?
Javeriya: I’ve always been captivated with and admired yesteryear models, particularly Kate Moss. As a teenager, I was always interested in personal grooming and frequently had compliments on my poses and photogenic face; it was from there that my interest and attraction into this field grew.
SD: Growing up, share a little about your childhood?
Javeriya: I was born and raised in Karachi. My childhood is filled with recollections of my mischievous antics, my pets, and small sweet memories of my family, as we are four siblings.

SD: How do you bring a distinctive edge to your work?
Javeriya: Modeling is, after all, all about looks, particularly good appearances. I believe that when you have inner peace, that glow always radiates on your face, which is how I offer a distinctive edge to my work. I always stay optimistic and go with a pleasant mood on sets. Also, I aim to work with a variety of people so that I may learn more about myself and see a different part of myself each time. Our field’s success hinges on versatility.
SD: Were there any setbacks you had to face while pursuing this field?
Javeriya: Touchwood in that regard, I’ve been quite fortunate. I’ve met some wonderful folks over my work. In terms of family difficulties, I believe that I am where I am today solely due to my family’s support.
SD: Who remained your idol to whom you looked up to and wished to follow?
Javeriya: Cate Blanchett, Angelina Jolie, and Kate Moss are three ladies who fascinate me. They have always been an inspiration to me in various ways.
SD: Is the modeling industry as glamorous as it seems?
Javeriya: No! Not in the least! The splendor begins with the camera’s clicker and ends when the sound “Pack up” appears. Also, what exactly is glamour? Glamorous people, in my opinion, do not have to come from a specific field. Glamour is found in your mentality and personality, not in glittery clothes and artificial tantrums, at least that’s how it works for me, thus I always stay glamorous.
SD: Do you face extreme competition or do you feel great work speaks for itself?
Javeriya: Haha! Who are you in competition with? Instagram girls? Everything is different nowadays. Botox, fillers, and other cosmetic procedures are widely available and inexpensive. Create an Instagram profile using Photoshop faces and images, and you’re ready to go! Models who come through that route should never be considered in the competition, especially for those of us who have earned our place by hard work and merit. So I’d rather choose “excellent art speaks for itself,” which always has, hasn’t it?
SD: How does our industry stand in contrast to international standards?
Javeriya: The truth is that we are nowhere near meeting international standards. Not even the country next door. Models have always been handled like hangers. Our people are completely unprofessional and lack basic work ethics. As a result, our profession is seen as meaningless! If you look at the worldwide standards, you’ll notice what this profession and models have. Recent debates and protests over overdue payments from several brands and designers have clarified our position and shown where the field stands! Do you believe you could postpone payments for years if you were to do so internationally?

SD: What do you feel needs to be done to create that mark of excellence?
Javeriya: It is really simple to achieve excellence in anything. It’s just that we’ve always portrayed it from a different, more difficult perspective. Be professional, follow your ethics, show respect for your work and coworkers, and give it your all! You’re already on your road to excellence!
SD: What about the field of dramas and films- care to venture into that some day?

Javeriya: Well, I have already explored that side of the business. Something exciting is coming on your screen soon!
SD: Any major plans to make 2022 your year?
Javeriya: Yes, absolutely! It’s all mine and all about me in 2022! It’s a fresh and perhaps better road for me, with my ambitions and simply me! So yeah, I’m definitely rocking 2022!


What would 2022 look like for you?
Your most prized possession?
My Pet Poee
The one thing that is a mood killer?
Dual and/or fake personalities
Three things you have with you all the time?
My phone, my perfume, and now obviously a mask!
Your life’s motto?
Spreading Joy, Harmony, and Love
Desi Wear or Western
Ah that completely depends on my mood
Deepest Fear
Losing my loved ones!
Biggest Regret
I own what I do! No Regrets!
An Inspiring Role Model
Shehzad Roy/ Salman Khan
Biggest Strength
Family and friends
Someone you wish meet
Top 3 things on your bucket list
World tour, abolishment of zoos and to learn music
What people don’t know about you?
I often come across as rude, but I’m completely opposite
Your dream destination
Your favorite dessert
Gajar ka halwa! anytime
Best thing about your work

Worst thing about your work




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