JEWELLED IN 2022! Major Trends to Watch Out For

This is the time to shine in your own light but it never hurts to get some bling from the hottest accessories. Promise to yourself that in 2022 you will let your jewellery compliment your individuality. And while we are at, here are some of the most happening names in the industry shedding their two-cents on how you can glam up your look for the new year in accessories that will be making a strong, confident statement!

Nosheen Sultan   


For all the jewelry lovers out there, the latest and rocking look will definitely be donning big statement pendants or necklaces which are studded with vibrant stones and small studs/ earrings. This can be balanced with matching bracelets or rings too. It looks amazing on solid colored clothes in matching or even in contrast. For Brides, what will definitely rock are two to three layered necklaces( gulluband ) that rests on the neck. It gives a very rich look, making you stand out in the crowd.Coin Jewelry is back in fashion too- plain coin jewelry with wire work or using stones. I personally don’t believe in following trends or latest fashion looks- I believe in following your heart- whatever you feel looks good on you – flaunt that.

Syma Raza Zarq

Zarq /Sonar Jewellery

So this year just like the previous one is all about getting back on your feet, healing and indulging in laughter!! People are trying to recover from the stress of Covid-19. They are ready to be out and about. Every change in life style brings something new. I am using healing stones for the desire to reconnect with sun, sand and water. You will see lots of color and all kinds of pearls in my new collection. The pieces have less clutter and more harmony this year. The emphasis is on less layers and more stones. This includes thin chokers and single layer neck pieces. I am also looking into long mismatched earrings and long chain necklaces. I’m also bringing new colors in my base including metal, bronze, rose gold, matte gold and an antique touch. Using it more in sculptural silhouette. Earrings featuring geometric shapes with a touch of color will be a conversation starter indeed.


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