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Jia Ali (Model & Actor)
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  1. Happiness for you is? Being healthy (mentally).
    2. Define yourself in 3 words? Love, nature & peaceful.
    3. Current song on your playlist? Coke Studio tracks.
    4. Pet peeve? Bad energy.
    5. Personal fashion style? No makeup look.
    6. Life according to you is? Fun.
    7. Your inspiration comes from? Nature.
    8. Proud of? Being human & Pakistani.
    9. Fashion & drama industry is? A lifestyle if you put it properly you grow faster.
    10. Biggest regret? Nothing.
    11. One bad habit of yours you would like to change? Sleeping excessively.
    12. Fame or money? Nothing.
    13. Style or comfort? Comfort.
    14. Simplicity or glamour? Simplicity.
    15. Favorite food? Desi.
    16. Favorite color? Rainbow colors.
    17. Favorite perfume? Anything that smells like roses.
    18. Favorite Holiday Destination? Any beach.
    19. Favorite movie? Top Gun.
    20. Favorite hangout place? My couch.
    21. Favorite genre of music? Sufi.
    22. Favorite Singer? Reshma Ji.
    23. You love? Myself.
    24. You hate? No one.
    25. You get irritated by? Nothing.
    26. If you could have one super power? Fly High.
    27. Snapchat or Insta? Insta.

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