The pandemic has certainly made things different

While we were really hoping it’ll all end as it began in 2020 but the reality is the virus is still around and we still need to restrain ourselves from mingling and socializing. But that doesn’t mean a lockdown has to be boring and dull.
You can still manage to adapt a healthy lifestyle with awareness to make the most of this very ambiguous situation.
So let’s get into the ‘how’ of it:

Create Interesting New Routines
Being at home can be draining when all the mechanics are working without any structure. It can easily topple over.
So it helps if you create a work structure and allot specific time for specific activities. This also helps all the family members to understand the work flow and designate certain time for certain activities.
Work Out
Experts have advised that your well-being is heightened when you exercise. Be it hard-core cardio or a simple yoga session, getting the blood pumping is going to help you plenty.
Creating an exercise routine requires discipline but you can definitely make it interesting by change of scenario and workout routines. Also make it a family bonding time by involving all the family members and donning cute workout clothes.
Opt for Video Calls
The one thing people are being most grateful these days are apps like Whatsapp, Zoom and Skype. Technological advances are definitely the saving grace, allowing us to remain connected without completely falling into chaos. Also while voice calls are good, video calls are even better. Look out for one another and connect on video to see how your loved ones are doing, letting them know it’ll all be okay soon.
Engage in New Habits
Getting involved in different activities will help you to relax and get your mind off the craziness. You finally have that little ‘me’ time you always wanted. Indulge in book reading, crafts or even baking but invest and commit to something that will lead towards your self-development.
Aim for a healthy mind and body
We have all been there where we felt like it was all too much to handle. We were literally rushing through things not focusing on our own well-being. Well now you need to involve yourself in eating right. It will be benefitting not just to your body but mind too. Get in those fresh veggies and fruits for wholesome goodness.
Become a nature lover
Indulge in the greenery. If you are stationed in one of the greenest capitals of the world, it is time to soak in the green of trees and plants as you stroll alongside family at one of the many enriching parks of Islamabad. Also a good dosage of Vitamin D from the sun will help your immunity tenfold.
Adapt Mindful Mediation
Its one of the best way to calm your mind, and improve your sleep patterns.
Meditation also keeps you grounded in the present moment when overwhelming thoughts arise.
Mindfulness techniques can be as simple as deep breathing. When you start to feel yourself becoming overwhelmed, take a 5-second breath in, and slowly let it out. It relaxes you unlike anything else.
Express Gratitude
If we look at how the pandemic has changed us, the one thing it has done is allow us to be more grateful for the blessings we were taking for granted. Make the most of this time and get yourself a pretty journal for gratitude expressing.


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