Kinza Razzaq

By: Asif Khan

Kinza Razzaq is fast becoming an actress of substance, having marked her debut in 2017 with serial “Shyad”, she has proved her versatility. Let’s catch up with this amazing talent with Social Diary’s rapid fire segment.

1- Define yourself in three words;

Smart, kind and restless

2-  The last book you read;

Outrageous openness-letting the divine take the lead by Tosha silver
3-One song that always stays on your playlist
Summer- Calvin Harris
4- All time celebrity crush;

Leonardo dicaprio
5- One thing you always carry around

Perfume and hand sanitizer
6- You go to person for advice

Both my sisters
7- If you were ever caught dead, where it would be?

Travelling- somewhere around the globe
8- Last movie that you watched

I don’t watch movies-  last I watched padmavat
9- Favourite person to hang out with

My friends and family

10- What is your best feature?

Tangible ( my height) intangible ( my strong mind)

11- You got your last text from;

My dad
12- One word that you use a lot

“ Seriously”
13- Your inspiration comes from;

from the people I admire, music, my own past experience and from self-developing     motivational books
14-I’m proud of myself for;

for having self control- and not retaliating
15-What is the first thing you do after getting up?

check my phone

16-Favourite curse word;

I’m not a swearing person- “ what the hell”
17- Favorite tv show?

Friends ( all time ) right now narcos
18- Would you prefer ‘love’ or ‘chaye’?

I can’t let go off chai at any cost. So chai with love would be ideal
19- Favorite food

Anything with potatoes
20-favourite perfume;

Chloe original and elie Saab original

21-  If you could go any where in the world where would you go and why?

coco cay( Bahamas) because I love islands and I love water sports
22- Favorite genre of music?

Reggae-pop, RnB,

23- You get irritated by?

People who are not being themselves
24- What chore do you hate doing?

Ironing clothes
25-First thing you notice in a girl/guy?

Confidence in their personality
26- Your favorite emoticon?

27- Morning person or nocturnal?

Depends on my mood
28-  One thing on your bucket list this year?

Visit my sister in San Francisco and execute my business plan


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