Let’s start ACCESSORIZING your home

Let’s start ACCESSORIZING your home…!

We have always maintained that lavish and expensive furnishing is not the key to making your home look perfect, but insisted that the devil is in the detail. Here are some tips on how to accessorize the room right with the help of these amazing wonders!

  1. Go with what you love…

Never ever purchase anything for your home that you are undecided about. If in doubt move on. When it comes to accessorizing there is a variety of options to choose from photo frames, candles, pottery, clocks, books etc. Just make sure all items are the right scale and very you! Once you have decided the combination of the room the rest isn’t so hard!

2. Decorate in 3’s…

Decorating a table in 3’s keeps the table uncluttered and the pieces don’t lose focus. Using varying heights of pieces also adds character to the table.

3. Add books to the décor…

Everyone owns books, so it’s really a no cost idea to add books to a simple décor and break monotony. Books can also be used to vary heights of similar items again adding depth and building character in a room.

4. Eye catchers…

We love minimalistic looks, so when using fewer items in the room to decorate goes for pieces that are eye catching. We love these two accessories, one is the vintage buddha and the other is a horse statute lamps.

5. Make storage Swanky…

In a room with lighter colored furnishing and walls you can add a pop of color through colorful accessories or unorthodox pieces of furniture. Use some ideas of swanky storage pieces such as a chest of drawers to brighten the room. These are practical as well as extremely cool.

6. Mirrors…

Decorating with mirrors is always a great idea to make the room seem bigger and lighter. There is a wide variety to choose from in terms of shapes sizes and frames that can change the entire look of the room. Hang them on a wall or on top a mantle, mirrors are on of our favorite accessories for any room in the house.

“Never ever purchase anything for your home that you are undecided about. If in doubt move on…”