While we did have our share of moments of awe, 2021 also gave us some cringe-worthy instances. Our industry definitely keeps us going with so much and while we do enjoy all that happens on screen but it is actually the stuff which happens in real life, moments which are unplanned which just became viral and continue to linger on for years to come. So here we are looking back at what made this year so interesting with some of the major meme-worthy content and stories which we won’t be forgetting so easily:

The ‘Pawri’ Girl Takes Over

With a modest number of followers under her belt, it was Dananeer Mobeen’s ‘pawri ho rahe hai’ video which made her an internet celebrity overnight. What was interesting was that celebrities from not just Pakistan but India too had jumped on the pawri bandwagon, and the crazy viral trend landed Dananeer several entertainment projects with the latest being the major show ‘Sinf-e-Aahan’. It was definitely one of the biggest highlights of this year.

Nida’s Take on F1

Our talk shows and their content is definitely in a major need of boost to make space for something different and fresh- something which is bigger and better than just wedding preps and highlighting gharelu feuds. But it does need to be done with complete research and understanding. When it’s not, it can lead to some serious consequences. Something Nida Yasir found out the hard way. A resurfaced 2016 clip showed how Nida invited two young Formula scientists, and what ensued may give you a stab of unease. Nida’s insufficient knowledge on the subject kept unraveling until she made a complete fool of herself on live television.

# Sherry Trending

So this was definitely one that people wouldn’t just let go off. Sadaf let her two cents on what she feels is essential in a happy marriage. Social media completely collapsed over Sadaf Kanwal’s interpretation of feminism, which she reduced to household chores and taking care of husbands. Her take on taking care of Sherry’s (Shahroz Sabzwari) clothes, pick up his shoes, and knowing where his stuff is kept was certainly met with critique. Sadaf was trolled for what many people call a “myopic, oppressive, and patriarchal” interpretation of feminism, and #Sherry became the hashtag of the day. But the viral clip led to nasty personal attacks, too, and we do hope the coming year will bring with it some compassion and empathy.

Meghan-Harry Say it All to Oprah

This was probably one of the major interviews to have happened in 2021. Probably because it was here that Meghan let it out straight and accused (indirectly) the Royals of racism and being discriminated against. The interview was somewhat a major spark to an already ignited fire which just got worse where some viewers supported the Sussex’s for their boldness, while others went on to accuse them for wanting attention and blaming the Queen and her clan on bogus claims. Whatever it may be , one thing is for certain, the interview definitely created buzz.

Tanked for her ‘top’?

So this one was definitely something that highlighted the power of the trolls and the ugly side of social media. Alizeh was the beaming starlet who had done some amazing work in dramas but the minute she decided to step out of the conventional look and style, the social media trolls were at her for wearing…wait for it… a tank top in her debut song. Badnaamiyan in which she collaborated with singer Sahir Ali Bagga went entirely unnoticed for her vocals. Still, her black tank top in the music video stirs enough storm on social media for the song to emerge in top trends.


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