Lunar Hair Care: An ancient practice for beautiful tresses.

For thousands of years the moon has served us as a brilliant calendar, although in recent times we’ve relied on more convenient clockwork devices. We know that the moon controls the tides, regulates our periods; some farmers even plant their crop in tune with its phases (it’s called Biodynamic Gardening).

Essentially the pull of the moon affects how fast or slow things here on planet earth will grow. The theory goes that the powers of expansion are strongest when the moon is getting bigger (waxing), becoming nice and full and bright in the sky, on its path to being a full moon. During this waxing lunar phase, a hair cut will encourage growth right up until the full moon.

Think of it as the “Werewolf effect”: the full moon makes hair grow fast, thick, long and luscious.When you cut your hair, you remove the dead ends, which keeps your hair healthy. So if you trim hair while the moon’s pull is strongest, you have a better chance of incorporating natural elements and encouraging root strength and growth.

It’s thought that the body (and hair) is readily ingesting what it’s given during this phase, so this is also the best time to use masks and conditioners, as chances are they’ll penetrate even deeper and are likely to be more effective.

Can the moon cycle influence our hair growth?

Human and animal physiology are subject to seasonal, lunar, and circadian rhythms. Although the seasonal and circadian rhythms have been fairly well-described, little is known about the exact effects of the lunar cycle on the behavior and physiology of humans and animals. But, we do know that the lunar cycle has an impact on human reproduction, in particular fertility, menstruation, and birth rate.


We are water.

Women have practiced cutting hair by the phases of the moon for centuries. Why? Simply put. It happens to work. The moon is a powerful force, touching our lives in ways both seen and unseen. Its energies affect harvest, determine the ebb and flow of tides, can even alter our mood and enhance the speed at which our hair grows. We are made of 80 percent water after all, so it is quite natural to imagine that the pull of the moon also affects us in the same way it does oceans, plants, and nature. Hair follicles themselves are made of two elements, hydrogen and oxygen, that when combined form water.

So what are your hair goals?


Fuller hair

Zodiac signs play a surprising role when choosing a haircut. The calendar follows the phases of the moon and lists “best astrological days” for cutting, nourishing, and styling your hair. According to recommendations, the best period for generating thicker hair is at the start of the full moon when the cycle is in Pisces, Capricorn, Taurus, or Cancer. Trimming or cutting your hair close to the end of the new moon would have the opposite effect because this is the time when the cycle is designed to retain nutrients and to store energy.

Faster growth

Book that haircut or trim your ends during the two weeks of the waxing new moon (when the moon is entering a new moon phase). This is especially potent when the moon is in the astrological houses of Capricorn, Taurus, Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio. During these times the body is said to be replenishing its foundations and accelerated hair growth is potentiated.


A lunar hair ritual

  • Gather your hair brush and your favorite essential oils, find a quiet, dark place to sit outside.
  • Light a candle, and imagine you are growing roots down into the ground, connecting you to the earth.
  • Imagine a circle of energy that surrounds you above and below, holding you safe and protected.
  • Put a drop of oil on your brush, and begin to brush your hair, slowly and with care and intention, tuning into the feeling of it, the scent, and the sounds around you.
  • Start to brush again, this time thinking about what you want to bring in, manifest, give to others, serve your world, summon, and create.
  • Go to bed with sweet hair and sweet dreams!


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