Maheen Karim Bridals A/W’15 feat Amna Ilyas

Maheen Karim Bridals A/W’15 feat Amna Ilyas

Trends are tricky to sneak into eastern bridal wear and even some of the most cutting edge designers prefer to play it safe when it comes to bridals staying close to the classics, which is why we admire Maheen Karim all the more for sticking to her guns. The designer is notorious for her universal glamour aesthetic and fashionistas from all over make a beeline for her studio when they are looking for the perfect evening dress. Take a look for the dazzling new collection.



Shamsha Hashwani ‘AKASI’ luxury prêt fall’15

Time to ease ourselves into wedding season! Shamsha Hashwani is the first to release her post Eid Fall’15 luxury prêt wear, ‘Akasi’ arriving now at her new flagship store. Known widely for her beautiful play on Indian Chikankari, she is also gaining recognition for the intricate delicacy of her handworked light formals. The designer is experimenting more since her entry into retail however her defined minimalist streak remains strong even in the glitzy evening wear where she prefers to work with proven classics like black, silver, gold, white especially for Fall/Winter.


Maheen Taseer luxury formals fall’15!

Maheen Taseer is predicted to be the next big thing to hit the Lahore fashions cape and the media and her fans alike are eagerly waiting for her new range of evening wear formals and we bring you a sneak preview of her signature glamour looks from the campaign featuring her dear friend Amal Khan.