Mahvish Hasan brushing her magic…

Mahvish Hasan has several years of experience in hair and makeup. She sure knows her way with the all the latest trends in makeup. Let’s see what she told Social Diary in a conversation we had with her.


What got you into this field?

As a young girl I was always into Makeup, Hair & Fashion. When I grew older I wanted to go ahead take professional training and pursue my dream. Fortunately it is a blessing when you can take up your dream as a career and are passionate about it.

Tell us your normal routine what is it like?

Morning time is me time! I like meditating and yoga. I start off with organizing and planning my day ahead. From noon till afternoon it is dedicated to work. Lunch time is with my kids. As far as work goes it is at a set routine. There are days when it is all about consultations, sometimes appointments back to back that include Haircut, Makeup, Color and so on. I get home and spend evenings with kids and family and as I love reading I go to bed reading my favorite book.

What products do you use on your skin?

I don’t like using too many products but a good face wash, sun block, cleanser and moisturizer are essential.

What are your Makeup essentials?

My Bobbi Brown CC Cream, Blush (Loving NARS Cream these days), Mascara, Kohl Pencil and Lipstick.

One Beauty product you always keep in your bag

I always have my lipstick or gloss in my bag along with my MAC StudioFix Powder.

How do you create the perfect look for parties for yourself?

For me Hair & Makeup is essential. Once that is sorted I match my outfit of course keeping in mind the occasion.

Who is your personal beauty icon? 

Catherine Deneuve – French Actress. She was the face of Chanel No.5 in the 70s and the Ultimate Beauty Icon you can’t stop staring at!

What is the best thing about being a makeup artist?

You get to be as creative as possible and the chance to sculpt one’s features. Enhancing their features and making them look more beautiful. For me it is like painting on a live canvas. Same goes for hair. Hairstyling gets as fun and creative as it can be.

What are your tips on staying fit and healthy?

Sleep well and take out at least an hour for yourself from the day! Also eat right as that always shows on your skin and hair.

What is your biggest beauty indulgence?

Massage is the best form of beauty indulgence for me. The blood circulation is beneficial in a lot of ways but the best is that it adds glow and de-stresses one completely.

Share some makeup mistakes you see women making these days?

Putting on your makeup appropriately matters. Too much of everything on your face takes away the point of your look and makes your look much older.

Tell us some tricks for perfect looking skin?

Lots and lots of water. As well as daily moisturizing your skin. Making sure to remove makeup before going to bed along with getting professional cleansing monthly.

Any natural ingredient you simply love and it has all the beauty solutions in it?

Rose Water and Almond Oil- Rose Water is best used as a toner and refreshes skin whereas Almond Oil has Vitamin E and is light so can be applied to the entire body as it is very nourishing.

What do you love most about being a makeup artist? 

I love how I get repeat clients who want a different look each time. This is challenging as well as exciting at the same time. I love how people can trust me with giving them a different look each time.

What are some latest makeup trends for winters?

Glitter Lids, Glossy Skin or a perfect pout with vibrant shades of pink orange or oxblood


One makeup product you can’t get enough of?

Mascara because I love defined and intense lashes.

A piece of advice for the girls out there aspiring into the field of makeup? 

Don’t be afraid to shine bright and big! It is a competitive field but everyone is a winner here.


Quick Bits: 

Beauty is… being comfortable in your own skin color

Two makeup products that make you feel comfortable?  Blush & Gloss

Favorite perfume? Chanel Mademoiselle

Favorite lipstick? Obsessed with nudes – BobbiBrown Pale Peach, Kinda Sexy & Please Me (MAC), Illamasqua – Bare

Your most followed beauty routine? Moisturizing and Cleansing

One thing you can’t live without? My Work

Any makeup brand you can blindly trust? 



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