Mohsin Abbas Haider

Join Social Diary as we get candid with this amazingly talented actor and singer. Read some fun, honest and exciting responses from Mohsin Abbas Haider.

  1. Define yourself in 3 words?

Dark, emotional fool, giver

  1. The last book you read?

Laikin By Jaun Elia

  1. One song that always stays on your playlist?
  1. All time celebrity crush?

Mahnoor Baloch

  1. One thing you always carry around except your wallet and your phone?

Lip balm

  1. Your go to person for advice?

Ali Hasan and Nabeel Querishi

  1. If you were not in a profession you are, you would be a?

I would have been a cricketer

  1. Last movie that you watched?


  1. Favorite person to hangout with?

Mohsin Abbas Haider

  1. What is your best feature?

My eyes

  1. You got your last text from?

It is from Athar Sahab reminding me to go for dubbing of Baji film.

  1. One word that you use a lot?

Yara and basically

  1. Your inspiration comes from?

From different places, motivational quotes, self made people and many other places.

  1. I’m proud of myself for___.

For making my mother proud

  1. What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

Sadly I check my phone.

  1. Favorite snack to munch on?


  1. Favorite TV Show?

I don’t watch TV much, but for time pass I watch Kapil Sharma

  1. Would you prefer “Love” or “Chaye”?

Neither, I’d prefer lassi

  1. Favorite food?

Bindi and pizza

  1. Favorite perfume?

I love perfumes, Mr. by Burberry at the moment.

  1. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

Northern Areas of Pakistan

  1. Favorite genre of music?

Mellow music

  1. You get irritated by?

By so many things! Dirty, undisciplined people, and lying.

  1. What chore do you hate doing?

I hate get together and crowded places.

  1. How many siblings do you have?

We are three siblings, two sisters and myself.

  1. Your favorite emoticon?

  1. Favorite city?


  1. Favorite dessert?


  1. One thing on your bucket list this year?

Getting peace of mind with my psychiatric

  1. What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

I can spend all my time in a single room, you can say I am boring or extremely introverted.


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