Mubasher Bhatti Makeup

W e all love celebrities but this week we brought to you someone who is loved by our celebrities and he is none other than celebrity makeup artist Mubsher Bhatti!

Please tell us about your education, background, family etc.
I come from a very humble middle class family. My father and mother are really supportive towards my fashion career as makeup is my passion..
How did you come into this profession?
I love to work with celebrities so my mother pushed me for this profession and I’m so glad to be a part of this industry! It had always been my dream to reach where I am today.
Who happened to be your inspiration?
My inspiration has always been my mother,and after her it is our very well-known celebrity makeup artist Babar Zaheer, who really supports& helps me. I am grateful to all of them for helping me.
What is the most challenging part of managing a beauty business?
It is important to satisfy the celebrities who work with me this is a really hard thing about my work to satisfy them when it comes to their looks. However, this is very rewarding for me when I make the people who rely on me, happy! I have to be on my toes continuously to make sure whatever I am doing is making them happy.
What is the one thing you like the least about this profession?
The timing of my work is the most difficult thing to manage for us. I sometime have to make many sacrifices and even miss my important family events due to my work commitments.
How do you deal with the stress?
Sometimes things do become stressful for everyone. However, God has always been kind to me and I never take stress about my work life. This is mainly because Mash’Allah my family is so supportive and understanding.
You ever thought of moving towards being a celebrity stylist too? Why or why not?
I’m so grateful because I am already a big name in our Industry. I have worked with Mashallah many big names like Mahira Khan ,Sajal Aly, Kubra Khan , Hania Amir and Areeba Habib. As far as future is concerned, let’s see what surprises it holds.
Recommend any three makeup products that are not only wonderful but pocket-friendly too!
Three things what I suggest all the girls to have are lip tint, a good mascara and a wonderful concealer.

Any suggestion you would like to give to celebrities.
In our industry these days all the girls and heroines listen to their makeup artists.
So my suggestion is to listen to your makeup stylist.
Any known personalities you would like to teach a thing about makeup?
Well, there is nothing as such. It is because they all are doing so well in their work and they listen to their makeup artists and trust them fully.
Any skin care regime you’d like to share with our readers?
Yup! I would suggest everyone to have a lot of water intake in their daily life.
Secondly, I would like to highlight an important thing for a clean and clear skin that you must remove your makeup properly before sleeping.
Your favourite beauty quote that you swear by?
My favourite quote is ‘A beautiful thing is never perfect!


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