Nabeel Shaukat



  1. Define yourself in 3 words?

Positive, blessed and Happy.


  1. The last book you read?

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.


  1. One song that always stays on your playlist?

Muhallay wichon “Kooch” na karin.


  1. All time celebrity crush?

Preity Zinta.


  1. One thing you always keep in your bag/wallet?



  1. Your go to person for advice?

Ofcourse my parents.


  1. Favorite quote?

“Speak good or remain silent.” Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)


  1. Last movie that you watched?



  1. Favorite person to hangout with?

My friends.


  1. Favorite Musician/Band?

There are many but some of them are Micheal Jackson, Bruno Mars, John Mayer, Backstreet boys, Strings, Junoon etc.


  1. Your favorite grooming product?

Hair Wax.


  1. Your most treasured item?

My Guitars.


  1. One word that you use a lot?



  1. Life according to you is?

Life is about taking risks, experimenting and self-exploring.


  1. Your music inspiration comes from?

Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.


  1. Singing or Music instruments?

Music instruments because singing is also an instrument.


  1. Are you an early bird or nocturnal?

I’m both. It goes up and down.


  1. Who would you want to play you in a movie on your life?

Everyone else looks at my life from the outside but I am on the inside, so I know what my life is like which is why “I” would be the best for that role.


  1. Favorite TV Show?

Friends because of Jennifer Aniston.


  1. When I dance I look like…?

A crazy child.


  1. Favorite food?

The list is too long, but for now Nihari.


  1. Favorite perfume?



  1. Favorite Holiday Destination?

Amsterdam, Holland.


  1. Favorite genre of music?

Pop & Rock.


  1. Your Pet Peeve?

Two faced people.


  1. What’s your super power?

My voice.


  1. Snapchat or Insta?



  1. Your favorite emoticon?

Ans: 😍


  1. What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

I’m really good at mimicry. Most people don’t know that.