Noor Advertising: An Initiative led by CEO Aqib Khan

Every product starts with marketing and ends with marketing. In that vein, Noor Advertising Agency seems second to none. The firm, headquartered in the provincial capital, is headlined by Aqil Khan.

Aqil, CEO of Noor Advertising, started his career in 2001 as a freelance marketer. With time, he gained experience and launched his signature company.

In a chat with Social Diary Magazine, Aqil said that in a short period of time, his organization has achieved extraordinary accomplishments and has also effectively attracted numerous esteemed and prominent business clients, both nationally and internationally.

He was of the view that many established organizations have effectively enrolled their professional services, some in the world of fashion and lifestyle while others simply for good public relations purposes.

“To be known for our commitment to the digital economy and the value we bring in our society and organization, our mission has been to provide best services, effective rates, special packages, maximum reach with lowest budget, all while keeping our clients updated with what is happening in the market.” Aqil said.

At Noor Advertising Agency you will find us mindful; we engage to what we listen. We are also agile in the marketing business. As innovation and necessities are not static, we “move with your necessities.” We firmly accept that trust is key in maintaining relationships.

Aqil added, “We keep things basic and clear for our clients. We strive to transform complexity into simplicity. We deal in print, electronic and digital media.”

Print media advertising is a type of promotional gimmick that uses physically printed media, for example, magazines and newspapers, to reach consumers and business clients.

Electronic media plays a significant role in the modern age of communication. This medium is important in featuring issues relevant to the public domain communicated either through the news, entertainment or dramas.

“We comprehend the significance of internet and digital marketing today to communicate the message quicker, and to progressively compel our clients. We offer a wide range of digital services that can give clients significant knowledge to your clients, and help them realize different marketing trends.”

Noor Advertising is an attentive, perceptive and trustworthy digital marketing agency that offers its services to different organizations. For more than 12 years, Noor Advertising has been Pakistan’s leading advertising agency.





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