Pebbles on the Table Make These Awesome DIY Coasters

It’s always fun to try something new, something creative. It just adds a whole new vibe and excitement to your surroundings. Why not add a touch of your own creativeness to your surroundings? Social Diary is here to help pick out some awesome DIY projects for you.
This week what we have got is something which just doesn’t look artistic but it’s actually quite useful as well. Here is a quick way for you to create these awesome DIY coasters:


You need to start off by first looking into your pebble collection. This part is important because if you don’t sort your pebbles into groups of the same approximate thickness, your glass will be wobbly on top of the coaster. And that’s no fun. You don’t need to agonize over each one with a ruler or anything, just eyeball it. You have many options for the same. You can get your pebbles the natural way or you can get some from your arts & crafts store.

When you’ve sorted enough pebbles for your coasters, it’s time to start gluing them down. Start in the middle of the coaster and work your way out, like a flower in bloom. Make sure you don’t apply too much of this glue as it will just get overly sticky and will impact your project in worse ways. You need to keep it clean and catchy. The pebbles won’t fit together perfectly, and there may be little gaps between some of them. Focus on matching up similar sides instead of looking for puzzle-like accuracy (because there won’t be any).

Keep rolling with the glue. Place around 3-4 pebbles at a time, then carefully pick them up and glue them one by one. Glue, glue, glue. This part can also be a little slow, so go ahead and keep that Netflix playing while you work. After adding a blob of pebbles to the middle, pick an edge and start working toward it. Keep some smaller pebbles off to the side to use at the very end. You may need to fill in some little spaces along the edges. If the first doesn’t turn out perfectly, don’t worry about it. There is still so much that you can do. Remember, everyone needs to start off somewhere. You’ve got this!

After all of the pebbles have been glued down and the entire coaster surface is covered, let everything dry overnight. This is essential. You need to let the pebbles which are heavy and need ample time to dry out properly. Then bust out some celebratory iced tea because you’re done! This is your major DIY win. Marvel into the glory of having it done so amazingly. You have done great so enjoy it.


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