Popular Globe-Trotter discovers Pakistan and Much More… In conversation with CHRISTIAN BETZMANN

Being a Famous and Energetic Vlogger, he was already sharing with the world his travel adventures, however little did he know his trip to Pakistan would bring him so much more than just meeting great people, exploring vibrant cultures and indulging in appetizing spread of delicacies. For not only did he embrace Islam but also proposed to actress and good friend Zoya Nasir.

Social Diary spoke to the passionate traveler on his amazing life experiences, how it all began and why Pakistan became so very special in more than just one way:

SD: You have been in the news for quite a while after news of you becoming a Muslim was circulating everywhere. Could you take us back to how did this significant moment take place in your life?
Christian: I had been in Pakistan for over a year, travelling and embracing the culture, as well as meeting such amazing people through my travels. I was living with Muslims and I kind of got used to their habits. I had the chance to experience Ramadan as well, loving how the people were interacting with one another during this blessed time. I got intrigued and learned more about Islam, and realized my thinking at many instances is very similar. Obviously Zoya and our relationship is a huge milestone as well towards my ambition and willingness to have a deeper connection with this religion and way of life. So, there are many factors that lead me towards it and I am very happy with my decision. I look forward to expanding my understanding and learn about Islam as I progress.
SD: Was becoming a Vlogger always on your mind or did it spruce from a specific incident/realization?
Christian: No not really. I was living in Sydney, had a girlfriend and was planning to settle down over there. I actually had my eyes set on becoming a fitness trainer even though I loved travelling. However, things definitely changed. It all started from uploading my travel stories on Instagram and meeting and interacting with people who are into YouTube; that was just the spark I needed to get into this passion completely. I am happy where I am right now. Waking up every day knowing people appreciate and love my videos is the boost I need to continue doing what I do.
SD: Is it manageable for you to take on continuous travel adventures? How do you keep your energy going?
Christian: Travelling is beautiful. I love to take on new cultures and see how people live in different parts of the world. But it is quite hard, as you need to manage plans way in advance, especially now with COVID-19, visa issuance doesn’t really come easy and there are lots of countries with heavy restrictions. So yeah, it’s not easy and it’s a full-time job, however I love it and I want to share my passion with the world as I continue making these videos which bring me immense joy. If my energy is low, I do take a break and relax. It’s important that my productivity is not compromised.
SD: What remains the most rewarding thing about your work?
Christian: The feedback people give; their comments and likes as they find inspiration in what you do. It’s amazing how many lives I have managed to impact with my videos. It’s crazy the kind of influence these videos can have on people and it’s awesome to see how they take it all in such a positive and life-enhancing way.
SD:How many countries have you travelled to and what remains on your bucket list?
Christian: I have been to almost 40 countries. And my goal is to visit every country in my life. My bucket list definitely includes Africa but with the pandemic, I need to be patient with my travel adventures.
SD: How did Pakistan come into the picture and what was your first impression of the country?
Christian: I watched the videos of my friend Drew Binsky who had been to Pakistan. This was right before I started my YouTube journey last year. I fell in love with the people and the country and I put it right up on my list. I got stuck here though during the pandemic but I had an awesome time. My first impression was very positive. I had a warm welcome when I travelled in the North. People were so friendly; the food was good. I was very happy how I was received. People are lovely.
SD: Looking into how the pandemic lead to so much imbalance worldwide, how did it dampen your plans?
Christian: Well, if I look back, I can see more towards the positive things I got out of it. I got to know Zoya, I made so many memorable videos and with people spending more time at their houses, they were getting to view my work often. So yeah, I’ve only got good things to say about the pandemic- business wise.
SD: How do you think the tourism industry of Pakistan should focus on boosting tourism sector of the country? What part of Pakistan do you think we should be highlighting to the world?
Christian: City-wise, I would recommend Lahore to people however infrastructure-wise, even that isn’t where it should be. There are nice areas around to explore but, there’s still a lot to be done, especially the North which can be the main focal point for the country. However, it isn’t quite ready yet to be discovered by tourists. The tourism industry needs to really work on getting what needs to be done to provide quality adventure and culture tourism to the masses. It is an untouched gem which can provide so much.
SD: How do you feel we can help to improve and showcase people from around the world the true face of Pakistan and its immense hospitality?
Christian: I love local bloggers and they are very helpful in spreading the positive image within Pakistan, but when it comes to touching the international audience, they can’t make that impact as yet. So, what we need to focus on is bringing international vloggers from different countries and give them five-star experience and that can spread like wildfire internationally. That’s where Pakistan needs to invest the money in. It brings forth a yo-yo effect!

SD: Your advice for those who wish to get into a similar field as yours? Is it self-sustaining and what do you need to do to make it a successful journey?
Christian: It’s a very hard job indeed. If you don’t enjoy making videos and aren’t patient enough, I can’t recommend it to anyone. However, it’s a very rewarding passion. And it allows you to explore the world, meet amazing people and get paid for it. You don’t even need an expensive camera- just great content to put out there. Be sure to watch out many tutorials and just go for it. The more videos you put out there, the better you get. The more consistent you are, the more people will follow you.
SD: You were subjected to certain online trolling too. How do you keep the negativity at bay?
Christain: See there will always be people who are unhappy with you. I don’t really care much for the negative energy so I don’t take it seriously. I just try to inspire as many people as I can in the best, possible way.

In a Glance:

The most rewarding thing about your job
Travelling around the world
The most frustrating thing about your job
Visa policies, language barriers and social media haters
Your top 3 favorite places
Australia, Pakistan, and Bali
The one thing you love about Pakistan
The people
Travelling is
Three things always in your backpack:
Laptop, camera and my drone
One thing people don’t know about you:
I don’t have a driving license
If you weren’t a vlogger, you would have been a-Photographer/anything travelling related where I can be my own boss
Favorite movie
Favorite food
Malai Boti
If there’s one thing you’ll change about yourself, its- Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t get too crazy toward perfectionism.


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