Q & A with Naila Saadat

(Psychologist in Private Practice)


Q: What do you think about anxiety in women and social phobia? What activities can help them get rid of anxiety?


A: Everyone experiences anxiety or feels panicky from time to time

Women are twice as likely to suffer from Panic disorder or Social Phobia compared with men, and they are more likely to have Agoraphobia (fear of being in public places).

They can also face Specific phobia (fear of a particular object or situation).

It’s may be due to cultural, social traditions, expectations & biological reasons.

Housewives find it difficult to juggle job and family responsibilities. Workplace stresses include harassment and discrimination.

Childhood abuse also seems to cause long-term changes in brain chemistry and structure that may predispose individuals to anxiety disorders.


Relief from anxiety comes from restoring your body’s natural, healthy balance. You can do that through change in a number of factors: lifestyle, diet, exercise, physical, emotional health, and positive mindset.

Get enough sunlight and fresh air, physical activities, positive hobbies are very important to keep your mind busy. Get enough sleep. Practice Meditation & Breathing exercises. Set small daily goals. Good nutrition is the foundation of natural treatment for anxiety.

You can always consult a mental health professional for extra support, no matter what you’re experiencing. Anxiety is a very common and well-understood condition, and with the appropriate support, you can start to shift the way your anxiety works and feel better.





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