Quarantine Days and Nights with Stars

This week, we planned to check out how our favourite stars are maintainging their health and fitness during lockdown!

Sarwat Gilani: The only way to stay away from depression in this lockdown and fear is to stay busy! You stay busy for mental health and for physical health! Mental health means that you either keep yourself busy doing creative things like gardening, arts and crafts, reading books, listening to motivational speakers and praying! In physical exercise you do mindful breathing, meditation and eating healthy- not hawking to anything you find in fridge! So basically if you take care of these things you’re pretty okay!

HSY: I do a workout everyday at home! I don’t have weights so my squats, lunges, pullups, pushups. I try to stay active as much as I can. I use filled water bottles to do my bicep curls. They key is not just to workout but to stay active and to stay on routine. Lockdown doesn’t mean you ignore your body and mental health! I also dont consume unhealthy foods and see it as a time to consume food and sit in front of the TV! I stay active and mindful!

Ali Ansari: I am working out at home. I have a set of dumbbells, 8kgs, for females you can go for probably 4 kgs or 6kgs. You can do home based workouts, you can do yoga, you can follow anyone for that on Youtube. I am focusing on my whole body, I am trying to do cardio to keep my heart rate high. I am eating carefully since eat out is not possible these days but since now delivery joints are open so I am sure people may be stacking on junk food. Personally I haven’t ordered something from outside and I have learned how to cook. I have been eating home made healthy food, lots of vegetables but ofcourse you have to know what your maintenance calories are, once you know how to maintain them, everything everything is good. I hope everyone is doing good, just try to workout from home and eat home cooked food.

Sana Fakhar: I follow the discipline..only 5 days a week I do and 40 minutes exercise all together… I do cardio, aerobics ..weight training.. yoga and stretching..strengthening and power.. So every day I don’t do the same workout .. so it’s the same rule in my diet ..I have just started my Youtube ( Sana fakhar official) where I’m trying to share the diet and easy way to lose weight. Whatever I have learnt out of my experience.. for my experience that people should have food like medicine!

Navin Waqar: I’ve been walking in order to stay fit. I do 8km every night since gym is out of the question. I’m not too hard on myself as it’s already so difficult being locked up.

Iqra Aziz:
Well, I’m home with my family, eating home made food, enjoying with family, running, taking care of my dogs, watching movies and talking to my friends on the phone and most importantly reading! Do that and believe in Allah everything will be alright!

Faysal Quraishi: Spending time with family, making food …Eating less, working out without weights, less social media and no news channel …charity and praying!

Nazia Malik
I am health conscious all the time and always like to
cook food myself. Also, like to pursue a healthy life style by doing exercise.
I Pray as well
Recite Quran with translation for my spiritual well being.
Also, work for my own Youtube Channel by making my videos.
I entertain myself by watching funny or informative videos on social media and prefer to news watch news channels only for 15 min every day. I always try to stay upbeat and thank Allahsubhanotalla no matter what may or may not be happening in my life.

Fatima Kasuri
Hello everyone.
I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Staying fit and maintaining your health can be quite hard – especially nowadays with everyone quarantined in their homes. Discipline and motivation are very important when it comes to getting yourself to exercise and maintain good health. I usually work out 5 times a week but because of the lockdown, I’ve been feeling quite lazy so I try to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. In stressful times like these, I think eating food for comfort is completely okay – just as long as you don’t go overboard. Having said that, I hope everyone is taking the necessary precautions to stay safe.


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