Review Men’s Fashion

Munib Nawaz (Fashion Designer)

For us at Munib Nawaz we believe that men’s wear will continue forming a pivotal part of the fashion industry.  The color trends we are following are metallic tones of gem stones. You will find a big inclination towards deeper tones that remind us of the dark side of romance and masculinity.

The silhouettes for us will be more classic but with modern detailing like contrasts linings and technical structures.  The Munib Nawaz man is an amalgamation of cultural craftsmanship blended with modern luxury. That’s a statement we as a brand live by and represents our design ethos for the coming years


Emraan Rajput (Fashion Designer)

 Serenity and Rose Quartz (Pastels) – These colors are Pantone’s Colors of the year 2016, and just like the color Marsala last year, there is a speculation that the pastel trend is going to steal the show in 2016.
When it comes to next year trends, I may say that short kurtas will be a famous trend in 2017 with lot of new designs and powerful colors.


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