Saman Ansari

Actress/Makeup Artist

Saman is simply put- an enigma! We are completely blown away by her excellence in multiple fields, all the while maintaining a professional work ethic for all ventures. Social Diary caught up with Saman for a chat…

Tell us about yourself; your background, studies, lifestyle etc.

Born in Karachi, grew up in Islamabad and up to now have lived between the USA and Pakistan equally. Am a Grammarian, Beaconite and a BSc. My lifestyle- I identify myself as a global Bedouin.

You are quite the Jack of all trades! How did you manage to excel at so many ventures such as makeup artistry, acting, and designing, among others all at once? 

I belong to a family of exceptionally talented and multifaceted individuals. Growing up in an environment that nurtured and encouraged the pursuit of excellence it was almost second nature to explore and do well at whatever I pursued.  Makeup Artistry stemmed from the fact that I am an Artist (hereditary), designing was another off shoot of the artistic creativity. Acting is rooted in the fact that my father is one of the pioneers of PTV in Pakistan (producer/director, actor and GM), I have always been an expressionist and my back ground as one of Pakistan’s top debaters, which in turn lead to Radio (FM pioneer) which gave me vocal expertise which I coupled with my facial expressions to become an actor!

What had you initially want to be when you grow up? Would you say this was indecisiveness or a general curiosity to try out different things?

At 5 a gymnast, at 7 an astronaut after visiting NASA and then 15 onwards, a multidimensional person. No it was not indecisiveness at all, it was the yearning to see how much I could challenge myself be brilliant at it too!

Your talents are truly commendable. How do you manage to juggle time between all your pursuits and personal life?

Thank you! It all boils down to priorities and time management. I decide the hierarchy of what needs most time and attention and then adjust everything that needs to be done accordingly. It’s not easy at times because there are always variables (emergencies/ bad planning at the other end etc).

How did you make your entry into Showbiz?  

I was born to be a star! But with that said, after auditioning for Radio, then as an Anchor for PTV. Acting happened when Sultana Siddiqui noticed me and I landed my first serial no auditions, no screenings!

Between Radio Hosting and Acting, why did you decide to become a professional makeup artist?

I started makeup artistry at a very young age doing my first bridal makeup for a family wedding at the age of 18. Since then I went on to become a MAC Pro Artist and am Alhamdulillah a globally recognized travelling bridal makeup artist and trainer.

What do you prefer? Being in front of the screen be it hosting or acting, or off-screen pursuing makeup artistry and other ventures?

Since my forte is my strength in communication, hosting (live in person, radio or TV) i can do that without a second thought though never carelessly. Makeup and acting are both more complex and my passion for both plus the fact that they are also my source of livelihood gives them a preference edge over the rest of the things I do. I always do my own hair and makeup for each TV/film appearance and this is why I am able to give the signature ‘new look’ to each new character I play. But, please don’t make me choose.

 How is a normal day in your life like? What is your routine?

I wake up at Fajar and my day starts then! First two hours of the day are mine- I listed to tilawat, feed all my animals, water all my plants, clean the house (i have never kept domestic help), grind my coffee beans, brew my coffee in my French press, answer emails, then shower and get ready for shoot. Shoots usually end at 10 pm so as soon as I am back; I remove my makeup, pray and fall asleep by 11 at the latest. On non shoot days (very rare) I go to the Salon to conduct makeup training classes and spend time with my family.

How do you spend your free time? 

What’s that? I work 7 days a week most of the year.

What was your latest extravagance and what do you usually splurge on?

Couture Perfumes! I have a heightened sense of smell and that drives my mood and energy levels. I spent about 300 pounds on an exclusive limited edition Oudh partum by Narcisco Roderiguez two months ago.

 Is there any aspect of the entertainment industry that you deeply dislike?

There are always aspects of ‘required change’ in every industry but i try to keep my approach positive and don’t focus on what I dislike I try to work towards enhancing what I like so that the spread of positive vibes can diminish the negativity of dislike.

 Is there still a career that you wish to pursue? 

Not at the moment.

Which actors/actresses would you like to work with in the near future?

Faisal Qureshi and Saba Qamar.

To whom do you attribute your outstanding talents to? Does it stem from family?

Family! Great genes, excellent encouraging environment and an immense amount of commitment and hardwork from me.

Any upcoming projects that you would like to share details of? 

Just wrapping up my first comedy TV series Romeo Weds Heer. You will see a flamboyant, borderline over the top, all out glamorous woman of strength and awesome comic timing. I am really excited about how my audience will react to this acting shade of mine!

Would you say that Lollywood is progressing for the better? Or is there still a lot of work to be done?

Progress is always there when stagnation is eliminated. Better or worse is relative. With that said it is on a gentle upward incline with lots of milestones to achieve.

How has motherhood been for you?

The most incredible learning experience of life. The unbelievable rush of unconditional love over and over again. Discovering physical emotion and spiritual strength i was unaware of!

A message for your fans?

You are why I am who I am today. You have critiqued, corrected, encouraged, applauded, loved, disliked, followed and trolled… and all of these have fueled my consistency in doing ever better with each new project. Thank you and I love you!


Quick Bits:

Your BFF?

Ayesha Moin Pasha and my Amma!

Who was the last person you got a text from? 

My bank on an ATM withdrawal confirmation.

Last book you read?

Tribe of Mentors by Timothy Ferriss

Your all time celebrity crush?


You favorite TV series of all time?

SuperNatural all seasons! Love watching that with my son.

You biggest fear?

I am fearless Alhamdulillah!

Biggest wish?

That I can continue being a role model by example.

You spend most of your money on?


Favorite perfume?

Changes with the season, mood and what country I am living in. These days i am weaing Oudh Intense by Gucci.

Morning person or a night owl?


Favorite pizza topping?

Smoked Gouda cheese

Your favorite city in Pakistan?


Ideal breakfast menu?

Arabica Coffee- buss!


One word for the following:

1) Feroze Khan- Powerful

2) Saba Qamar- Muse

3) Noman Ijaz- Guru

4) Mohib Mirza- Admirable

5) Sunita Marshall- Charming

6) Mawra Hocane-  Pretty

7) Sana Javed- Beautiful

8) Ali Xeeshan- Couturier

9) Shafaat Ali- Amusing



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