Sana Fakhar


One of the oldest actresses in the Pakistani film industry who can still work her charm on the television!

From “Sangam” to “Jackpot”, Sana knows the right emotions to bring on screen. Everybody loves Sana- and what’s not to adore about the lovely actress? A lot of us have watched her on our screens while growing up and she has only become more graceful and enigmatic with time. Keep reading as Social Diary finds out more about the actress in this exclusive interview.


  • Who is Sana? Tell us about yourself (your background, education, goals etc.)

Sana is a girl who always follows her dream. I’ve done my graduation and I was born in Multan and was brought up in Lahore.

  • How did you step into the field of entertainment? Was it something you had always wanted to pursue?

Well, I always wanted to work in this field and I wanted to be famous I guess.

  • You seem selective when it comes to the roles you choose. What is the thought process behind it and which scripts are you more partial towards?

Yes I am selective. Although I’ve done quite a lot of work but you can never get enough when it comes to roles. I always wanted to do action roles but I got an opportunity to work and I consider myself lucky with good people and good producers. As I am doing right now as well.

  • How have your life experiences shaped your fit in the film industry and how do you channel your experiences into your roles when acting?

Every day is a new day. You learn from everything, even from your real life and screen life. An actor’s life is very challenging especially when you become a mother as life becomes more challenging.

  • In your opinion, what makes or breaks a film? Is a good cast enough to sustain a film’s success?

In these days the mode of work is different and before it was different. The production and the company always matters. Content is very important. If you have good content then people will watch anything. People will love the movie. Above it all, these days you need to be influential and to have a good PR.

  • What convinced you to accept the role in the movie “Jackpot”?

It is whatever that excites me. Whether on TV or in the movies. Any sort of role works for me and I always go for a change. I always try to put myself in a challenge and try a new role. It doesn’t matter how much work you’ve done, we always look for some good drama or film. If there is something that excites me is convincing then I most definitely do it.

  • What can the audience expect from a movie?

The makers as well as the audience are confused now days. Sometimes even to the funny movies people say it is not up to the mark and if you make it into a decent film then they see it is too decent. It is that we need more time to sustain and make our mark because we call it a new age cinema. And this means that everything is new and eventually people will become habitual of the way our films work.

  • Do you feel true acting has been overshadowed by glamour and good looks?

Yes it is a good point as people are more groomed, confident and presentable. And this in itself is a good part. There is nothing wrong with it and we should appreciate that. But acting has to be something like your observation. It’s not that, apne mun se aag ni nikalni hoti but you should look good. You should look presentable. It is either like apki physical appearance ho and what you’re wearing is what really matters.

  • Any funny incident from the sets that still makes you laughs?

So many things have happened that I can’t exactly pick any one. But sometimes I really laugh aloud when someone says that ye India se behtr film hay. We are influenced by the Indians and we should accept the fact that they are better than us at this. Ever since I have started working, I’ve heard this and it is something that makes me laugh.

  • Any specific role or character you are looking forward to?

I always wanted to do action role as few people know that I know Martial arts. I am also a bike rider which means I can do so many things that few women can attempt on. Therefore, I always wanted to do action.

  • Is there someone from the entertainment industry who you haven’t worked with and would like to?

All actors are working really nicely. I haven’t worked with Ali Zafar or Fawad Khan or even Shahood Alvi. I haven’t worked with so many legends like Uzma Gillani gee and I would love to work with her. They have been working hard and they have made their names.


  • How do you manage your personal life with your profession?

I have to keep everything in a balance so somehow, I don’t know but I just manage. I haven’t really figured out on how I manage everything.

  • A message for your fans through Social Diary Magazine?

Keep following the Social Diary Magazine and keep checking their posts out! Stop judging and spread love!


Quick Bits:

  1. Who was the last person you got a text from?


  1. Last book you read?

Live after life.

  1. All time celebrity crush?

Tom Cruise.

  1. Your favorite TV series of all time?


  1. Your biggest fear?

To get fat

  1. Biggest wish?
  2. I wanted to be an athlete


  1. Acting or dancing?


  1. Both


  1. Favorite perfume?

Gucci Oudh

  1. Morning person or a night owl?


  1. Favorite pizza topping?

Jalapeno or pepperoni

  1. One beauty product/brand you always need?

MAC! Sun block, lipstick and blush

  1. Your favorite city in Pakistan?

Karachi and Lahore

  1. How much time do you spend on social media?

Not much. Hardly.


Say one word for the following:

  1. Javed Sheikh


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Good colleague


  1. Aimen Khan

Friend and actor good

  1. Bushra Ansari


  1. Kubra Khan

A Talented girl


  1. Meekal Zulfiqar

Amazing actor. A good friend and colleague.




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