Shelves-Don’t let your walls to be as wasted space!

Wall shelves turn empty walls into a great place to store and show off your things. We have lots of styles, coordinated with the rest of our furniture. And our big choice of sizes, including shelves you can cut to the exact length you need, means you can find a shelf to match almost any space. Here are some different types of shelves for different purpose… Have a look and choose the best one for your lounge or room..!!!

Bridge Shelvesasd
Inspired by suspension bridges, these ‘Bridge Shelves’ consist of a thin wooden cylinder that is attached to the wall, bent steel rods and the solid-oak shelves that hang from them.

Suitcase Shelves
What a cool idea! Imagine how much extra storage you get by using suitcases for shelves. You can choose to hide all of your things inside the suitcases, or use them as real shelves to hold candles, plants, lamps, or more. Clever idea, which looks interesting and provides added storage to your home.

The Cave Bookcasecave
‘The Cave’ is a combination of bookcase and seating area that provides a private space for reading and time for reflection in its form. With it’s recessed lightening, it also becomes functional.

Wood Cubes
These ‘Wooden Cubes’ shelves are best for any wall corner in the room or lounge. Different decoration pieces, photo frames & etc can be placed on it also.

Multi-Functional Shelves
This ‘Multi-Functional’ shelf is a playful and creative piece of furniture. You can use it as a shelving system, a seating or a desk. This piece of furniture has a modern look, doesn’t take too much space and is a very smart idea that looks nice.

Tree Shelves
This type of ‘Trees Shelf’ is an ideal for a living room as it will not take too much space and you can put anything like DVDs, books, toys, antique pieces & etc on it.

Object Frames
It may look like a normal frame but they can actually be hung up on your wall to display all that you love. From small photo frames to candles or small art pieces; just anything would look good on these and make your room as an artistic place.

Floating Shelves
These shelves are gorgeous, easy to build and inexpensive. And they’re strong even though they have no visible supports. They appear to float on the wall, no clunky hardware or brackets.

These are not books, lumps of lifeless paper, but minds alive on the shelves…!

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle on the shelf or the mirror that reflects it…”


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