Some Craft Uses:Re-purpose A Dead Toothbrush

How many times have you looked at an old toothbrush, wondering just what you could use it for, instead of dumping it in the bin? We just toss them in the bin, but wondered if there was another use for them. They are usually made of plastic and well, that just sucks that we only use them for a short while then they end up in the landfill.

The most obvious use for an old toothbrush is for cleaning the toilet. You know, up under the rim and under the hinges of the toilet and seat, where nothing else will reach? Well, that hairy old toothbrush is the perfect (single use!) weapon in your fight against this gunk.

Put your bicarb on the brush and go for it. And, like we said, it’s single use. Great for those like us those are a bit grossed out by the whole process, because it’s a straight to the bin effort after cleaning. No need to clean the cleaner and touch it, eww! Chuck it in the bin!

Some General Uses:


Apply pipe sealant in hard to reach places – Especially good for big Man hands that can’t reach into small spaces.
Removing crayon off walls and floors – Yes, your budding artist thinks it great, but you know it’s a pain to remove. Not anymore! Use that old toothbrush with a little bicarb, and it will come right off.
Removing caked mud from the soles of shoes – Too easy and it makes for less vacuuming, always a plus!
Fingernail cleaning – Don’t buy any more toenail scrubbers, use your old toothbrush instead. Just be sure to mark it with a black pen or similar to avoid it going back into your mouth or just store in a different place to your current toothbrush.
Applying hair dye – Of course we hope you only use the organic dyes. Just apply to your hair and get an even coverage with that old toothbrush working it through.


Mascara bristle separator – No more clogged mascara brushes!

Grout cleaner – An old furry toothbrush is the perfect cleaning tool for the grout between tiles. Again with the bicarb if it’s really grotty.


Computer keyboard cleaner – How many times have you used a moist tissue or some such to clean your keyboard, and, it doesn’t work that well. Get that old toothbrush on the job! (dry of course)


Cleaning the fridge seals – Nothing works to get these clean like that old toothbrush. Soft sponges and the like don’t get anywhere near the entire gunk. Use with the bicarb and dry, for best results.


Cleaning hairbrushes – First, empty the hair brush of hair with the toothbrush then when the hair is out of it, put on a little soap on the toothbrush and go for it. It’s easier to remove greasy-ness with hot water too.


Cleaning bottles – Don’t spend extra dollars on bottle brushes, when you have the perfect and free solution at your fingertips already.


Cleaning around taps – It’s nearly impossible to clean around taps effectively unless you’re employing that old toothbrush.


Waffle iron cleaner – Nothing else gets in the small corners of the waffle iron like an old toothbrush. You can then use the toothbrush again, to oil the iron between uses.


Brush the cheese grater – Before putting the grater in the dishwasher, use the old toothbrush to remove any food left in it, to avoid clogging the pipes.


Fish tank cleaning – Getting into the corners of fish tanks for cleaning is super easy with your old toothbrush, loaded with bicarb only! (Fish don’t react well to any chemical cleaning products residue. Even when very, very well rinsed, there is always residue left behind)


Spot cleaning laundry stains – You know when you’re doing the washing and there’s that one tiny little stain? Not worth using any more washing liquid for, so just use that old toothbrush with…yes, bicarb! Try using it dry first. Then, if it’s stubborn, moisten the brush and go again.


Cleaning venetian blinds – Not many other cleaning tools are able to reach every part of the blinds.


Cleaning bike chains – Save yourself some money and use that old toothbrush instead of buying another brush type implement.

Foiling – Use your old toothbrush to smooth down the foil when foiling, and you end up with an even finish.


Cleaning calligraphy tips – If you have ever used calligraphy pens you will know how hard they are to keep clean.


Add texture to clay – Use with hard or soft strokes, depending on what effect you want to achieve.


Shabby chic furniture effects – Use the old shaggy toothbrush while it’s dry, to drag paint across the furniture, giving it that country style charm of a distressed type finish.


Splatter painting – Use that old toothbrush for splatter painting. Not only will the kids love you for it, but it produces a fantastic looking pattern.


Antique/metal finishing – Using that old toothbrush will enable you to reach even the tiniest of crevices in any craft item.


Phew, that’s a LOT of uses! Never, ever throw away a used toothbrush again. Always save them for other uses, rather than chucking them straight into the bin. Also, please note that most of the above, secondary uses for old toothbrushes; require you to throw them out afterwards because of hygeine issues.


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