Special & Personal Giveaways For Joyous Celebration!

Probably the greatest and most amazing thing about Eid is the kind of gifts you get your loved ones. It is definitely a very special time to get close to your friends and family and what better way to express your love than by creating special moments of joy with something personalized and unique. While it is not always possible for everyone to go well over the budget to create special Eid favors and gifts, you can make it memorable for your folks by getting crafty and creating DIY gifts which will be long-lasting and extremely personal and unique. So let me share some really good options which are really going to make a lasting impression.

Eid Glass Jars

When it comes to giving into Eid ambience, you can look into ways in which you can create these really amazing and somewhat intimidating designs which look so divine and simply splendid. Check out what works for you best. Your painting on the glass jars need not be perfect, they just need to show your personality in them!
Candle Holders!

Okay this may seem similar to what the glass jars portray, but they are serving a completely different purpose altogether. How gorgeous do these candle holders look? You can DIY some amazing designs which completely stand out and are poignant and distinctive in so many ways. Check out these useful and long-lasting ideas for friends and family.

Henna Ceramic Dishes

So this is something completely unique and stands out. You want your special someone to look and enjoy this splendid unique gift idea that is extremely catchy and so memorable. Check out these aesthetic and yet simple henna dishes which are made of clay and make a great trinket dish. Make them in multiple colors and draw henna-style designs for a themed feel. Definitely stand the chance to become the talk of town.

Wooden Painted Dolls

These are cute as they are defining. Owing to the whole theme of allowing your friends to feel extremely loved and special this Ramadan, it is best that you make use of your artistic skills to create these gorgeous and truly unique dolls. These adorable doll crafts can also be something you can work on with your kids to give out to friends and family.

Chocolate Boxes

As if we needed another reason to give away chocolates? Choose your loved one’s favorite chocolates and make an effort to give them off in these amazing and cute boxes that you make yourself. Not only do they look amazing but they also bring forth such a special and unique touch to your giveaway gesture.

DIY Wall Art
This relates to making use of your creative skills to present something which is distinctive and adds a personal charm to your whole setting. When we consider wall art, what we essentially mean is to present something that is personal, extremely attractive and allows for you to create a beautiful statement. Go big or go plain simple- on you to define your uniqueness.
Crafty Pillow Designs
Who wouldn’t want something like this? It is truly unique and extremely special in terms of how it brings so much edge and uniqueness to your own talent? Make use of your artsy things at home, be it charms, beads, sequins, glitter or anything else, you will love how you can bring such uniqueness and distinction to your designs of throw pillows. We are absolutely in awe of these amazing and catchy designs!


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