Story Time By Zuria Dor

It is a story of living your life to the fullest and being who you are, rather than losing yourself in the process of making others happy. Every color in the collection lets a story and portrays a specific aspect of the culture. From pure white, to gold and bright colors, each of them is unique with something different to add.

Zuria Dor

A brand that is synonymous with style and quality. As Zuria Dor’s footprint grows in the local market, it’s efforts to represent Pakistan abroad are also being lauded as visible from their opening show at Jakarta Fashion Week. The two engineers behind the brand have their minds set on innovating Pakistan’s fashion industry.


Brand: Zuria Dor

Photographer: Zahra Sarfraz

Models: Zarminay Haq & Amina Tiwana

Makeup Artist: Amna Zain & Anza

Jewellery: Beedazzled



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