Stylish Craft Room Ideas That Spark Creativity

Don’t let anyone fool you—crafting isn’t just for kids. For many, it’s a creative outlet. For some, even a career. Or maybe you’ve simply run out of space for all of your DIY goods. No matter the reason, a craft room can be a productive place to let your creative juices flow; a sanctuary-like area to unwind. Although these rooms are meant to make your mind wander, an organized layout is key.

Make your right-brained dreams a reality with these gorgeous craft room ideas.

  • Vary Storage Options

For the all-star crafter whose got lots of supplies, varied storage will keep it all under control. In this spacious room, baskets, drawers, bins, and shelves create a smart space for just about anything.

  • Incorporate Seating With Storage

Just because your space is small, doesn’t mean you can’t get crafty. Integrating seating and storage as one gives you plenty of room for supplies, without eating away at your square footage.

  • Install A Roll Holder

Smart solutions like a roll holder will make the process of using and storing crafts simple. Here, wrapping paper and ribbons are kept together for a stylish and streamlined space.

  • Opt For Built-In Shelving

Open, built-in shelving saves space, while keeping your goodies in sight.

  • Cover Your Walls In Inspiration Boards

For the most productive brainstorm-sesh ever, install inspiration boards to lay out your thoughts, while bringing your ideas to life.

  • Choose A Productive Palette

A productive space needs a corresponding palette. Energized shades—like this room’s pink floors and lamp—will kickstart your creative process in no time.

  • Use Movable Bins

If your crafting ever leads you outside of the craft room, a movable storage bin—like these wicker options—make transporting your goods totally simple.


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