Taking over by Storm ANAM TANVEER

Actor, model, writer and what not! Anam Tanveer stepped in the industry and took it over with her skills and beauty! We had a chit chat with her and here’s it for you to enjoy!

Tell our readers about yourself
It is a kind of cliché but I am an entirely different person off screen; shy, honest, friend of friends, ambitious, hardworking, loves adventures, travelling! I love knowing different cultures and making friends out of my own culture, nature! I am someone who’s upright and I like to make people happy around me. I am a kind of a person who likes people to grow with myself, I like to motivate people to do better in their lives and just remember me in good words. I am someone who will go to any extent to make things happen however it’s not always the same from the other side which sometimes hurts expectations but this is me and I can’t really help it. I don’t know how many newspapers I have explained it up till now (laughs)
How do you want the narrative for women to change in Pakistani dramas?
Women are not lesser than men so why depict them as lesser beings in dramas? The writers should make women equal in characterization. We are showing one part of our population in dramas. I believe it is very important to show the other half of the population’s story as well; their dreams, problems and their aspirations. We don’t showcase subjects of masses. Our audience has also proven that Ertugral Ghazi kind of dramas can also be made and run successfully. It is a different genre- free of nudity and glamour. I agree that a lot of money goes into production and it is difficult to pull off but why don’t we create dramas closer to scripts like Ertugral Ghazi?
Do you feel that you have been a victim of stereotypical scripts? Share your experience.
I don’t think I have been a victim of stereotypical scripts. If our scripts and characters are good, the work that will follow will also be of that standard. The trend of the market is that if you do a certain type of character, you will be given that kind of role in the future too. It depends on the actor if he or she wants to do that type of a character or not.
How can victimization of women end in our dramas so that more room for constructive roles can take precedence?
When strong female actors in our industry stop portraying weak roles in dramas, the victimization will end on its own. Even writers will not write such characters. I don’t do victimized kind of roles because I have always wanted that women should be empowered. Women empowerment is not about using foul language against the other gender or be at liberty to streak naked.

What can our producers and writers do to make more constructive roles for female actors?
In novels and Urdu literature, women have a major role in terms of respect. Why is respect for women limited to our books only? Why don’t we give them that respect in real life and in our dramas? Central characters are rarely written for artistes because they are not “hero” or “heroine” -driven roles. Everything is about TRPs. It is time to take risks so we can offer variety. It also depends on a director and how much variety he or she brings out in a character. How are you showing a romantic character’s role differently is what a director’s job is. An artiste shares a similar responsibility. I did a cunning role in MeraDil, MeraDushman. When I didn’t have the margin to change that character through the wardrobe and hair, I changed her role through my acting. Although I wasn’t the heroine in that drama but I was the only character who is remembered.
What kind of stories do you wish to be a part of?
I have always wished to work as an action heroin not because I have worked on myself (weight loss) but you need to learn particular set of skills to perform as action heroin! Not just a maintained figure, but also boxing is part of my workout! I have been getting trained on a beginner level and I believe judo, MMA, and similar skills are required to perform an action role, rest I would also love to learn when script like these come in or even before. It’s always good to come prepared.
Also I wish our drama industry to portray strong image of women!For example, women in judiciary, role of women In workforce, role of women in ancient times, role of women in modern world etc. Also romance is never a fading genre; it’s something every continent has, which I would love to perform!
Do you think that our filmmakers and drama producers avoid taking risks which is why we often get to see mundane stories being recycled time and again?
All our old writers like Mustansar Hussain Tarar, Ibn-e-Insha used to travel around the world. If our writers only spend their time writing stories within the confines of their homes, how can they understand the outside world? Our digest writers only know how to write stories about mother and daughter-in-law or romantic stories. Unless they do not travel or are well-read, we cannot have action-oriented dramas, murder mysteries, political and thriller films. We live in a global village but if people are unable to travel, have they ever stopped reading? No! So our vision broadens only when we read and understand something.
Do you feel that competition now gets to you seeing how more and more new entrants in the field of media are making a name for themselves?
I believe if the competition is healthy then it’s good for overall industry as the final product will be of quality, but if armature actors get roles which they don’t deserve and it turns the whole drama into a disaster then it’s very upsetting. We have a lot of talent but the placement of talent is not utilised properly. We see old characters are done by young actors; we see college boy characters are being done by old actors and vice versa and when it comes to us the same people will bring our age and try to make you feel the odd one out!

9.What would you like to say to our aspiring readers who want to take up acting as a career?
Patience is the key. You don’t know when you get clicked, it takes decades or maybe half a decade to be there but to get there one must love this profession devotedly. My days and nights were spent working on myself till people recognized me as a good actor and I have sacrificed my friends, social gatherings and a lot more. I didn’t earn it in one day, there’s 9 years struggle behind it. Also it’s very important to learn acting before stepping into this field. You should have proficiency in your language, and your weight should be in proportion – that’s also one of the requirements. It’s what it’s.

Quick Bits

A habit you wish to change?
I trust too soon!
Your idea of comfort is?
Sitting at home in my PJs!
What are some of your hobbies?
Dancing, workout at gym, reading, travelling (which I miss in Covid), having meaningful discussions with close friends, eating healthy and, of course, cooking.
Describe 2020 in one word.
What fascinates you about your line of work?
A variety and flavours of different characters with diversity of artists, competition! Success is when you get out of your comfort zone and there’s no comfort zone in my line of work!
Three things on your bucket list for next year?
Travelling for sure, a feature film, judo karate/MMA.


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