The Globetrotter; Saim Ali

Social Diary spoke to Saim about his recent visit, and what did he do there. Let’s read and see what he was up to during his recent visit abroad…


  1. Where did you go?
    London U.K.
  2. Was it an official trip or personal?
    A bit of both actually.
  3. Where did you stay for most part of your trip?
    Mayfair London.
  4. What’s the best thing about London?
    London is magical I love everything about the city it’s the one of the most historical country in the world, shopping in London is one of my greatest indulgence.
  5. What do you miss the most back home while traveling?
    My family and my mom’s homemade food
  6. Where did you eat mostly?
    I love different cuisines, so I love China Tang at Dorchester for Chinese, Tayyab’s in white chapel for desi food, Nobu for continental, sexy fish for Japanese, The beast for all sorts of Sea food, Lavant for Arabic cuisine and many more
  7. What was the most memorable part of your trip?
    The British Asian charity gala night hosted by Prince Charles where I met Prince Charles and Boris baker the Tennis legend, Rayan Giggs the Manchester United legend, Gurvinder Chadda the British Bollywood director, Manish Malhotra Bollywood desinger and many more.
  8. One place you would recommend the visitors to try the next time they visit London?
    Just take a tour guide all Over London this is the best thing they can do if they are visiting the 1st time to the UK.


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