The Land of Exotic Caves, Mountains and Unmatchable Hospitality Welcome to Georgia!

T his year, how about setting your eyes on something which is incredibly amazing and new. Travel opens a range of portals that allows you to discover sights and sounds which is why it should be a place which is interesting for you all. This week we want to introduce a beautiful country known as Georgia. There’s much to love about this beautiful country on the border of Europe and Asia. The capital, Tbilisi, provides that city buzz, while the Caucasus Mountains offers a more natural experience. There is just so much for you to cherish and indulge in! Despite its small size, Georgia has all kinds of landscapes, including deserts, coasts and mountains. The country is a paradise for hiking and camping lovers. You can also explore breathtaking lakes, canyons, waterfalls or relax at spa resorts.The peak of prosperity happened between 11th and 13th century, especially when Queen Tamar ruled the country (until today she is a role model of many Georgian women but then how many badass queens you know from the history.From delicious food to hospitable people, from incredible landscape to vibrant cities – Georgia has it all! Georgians say that a guest is sent from God, so they welcome guests into their homes like they would any friend or family member. If you befriend a local here, you can be sure you’ll be invited into their home and treated like royalty. They might even show you around and recount the history of the nation.

One of the reasons why many people are considering even taking a trip to this fascinating country is that it comes on a budget. Though Georgia is increasing in popularity, it is still considered a budget-friendly destination. Most of the cultural and historical sights are free of charge, while the ticket price of the museums starts at three Georgian lari (£0.70). So this allows you to plan an amazing trip and the costs of actually seeing a lot and indulging in whatever it has to offer becomes all the more relevant for you. Georgia has natural hot springs and spa resorts across the country. But the sulphur baths in the Abanotubani neighbourhood of Tbilisi are the first stop for many tourists. The bath water, which sits at 40C (104F), is thought to be beneficial for the skin.
Also if you like examining architecture, you’ll find a lot of interesting buildings here. Head to Tbilisi to see Soviet structures, art nouveau buildings and architectural landmarks. While there, drive two hours southeast to the David Gareja Cave Monastery complex, a sixth-century cave system founded by St David Gareja, one of 13 Assyrian monks who spread Christianity throughout the country.
Now let’s look at their food indulgence!


Georgian food is an exciting fusion between Persian and Mediterranean cuisine, representing the country’s geographical location on the cusp of both regions. Its delicious Mediterranean style fare regularly involves aubergines, nuts, yoghurts, fish and cheese. We must not forget Khachapuri bread – a cheesy bread which accompanies just about every meal; an unmissable highlight of any trip to Georgia. There is just absolute startling mountain beauty out there! The Caucasus mountain range runs between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, acting as a northern barrier between Georgia and Russia. Its stunning natural beauty is epitomised by picture-perfect Mount Kazbegi (5047m), images of which are often used to represent the region. The Caucasus mountains are so remote and impenetrable that rumour has it Alexander the Great used them as a huge natural prison for his unruly enemies. Nowadays the mountains are dominated by stunning snow-capped glaciers, crystal clear rivers, and lakes and offer the chance to spot bears, eagles, and wolves. The Caucasus is an ideal location for walking and trekking, particularly in spring and summer when wildflowers are out in abundance. There are also some great spots for white water rafting, as well as the added bonus of seeing very few other tourists. While walking in the mountains your only fellow humans may be the semi-nomadic people, who take their cattle up to the high pastures during the warmer months.

Also do you get fascinated by caves? Georgia is home to some of the most unusual cave cities in Europe. By themselves, they’re the reason alone to visit the country. The oldest is Uplistsikhe, an ancient settlement that resembles a lunar landscape. Others include Davit Gareja, a vast monastic complex carved into the rock of Mount Gareja, and Vardzia, a spectacular underground city that once housed 2,000 monks.
The last reason why Georgia is worth visiting (but by no means the least) is that Georgia is probably most famous. Its wonderful hospitality and toasting mentality. The Georgians even have an ancient proverb that “Every guest is God-sent”. Any visitor to Georgia is guaranteed to be invited into the homes of locals, where they will make friends for life. Now that we’ve convinced you that Georgia is unquestionably worth a visit, it’s time to book a visit.


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