The Man with Quiet Many Talents AYT


AYT is a man who knows how to bring life to an event and with that skill of his he has made a name in the International event management industry. He has several events on his list which he has successfully organized so far. Recently we at Social Diary got a chance to speak to the talented Asimyar Tiwana who currently is putting all his focus on his show Celebrity Lounge’s season 2 which will be aired on PTV Home, let’s have a look at what he had to say about his journey in the industry so far and how he is just so passionate about hosting….

Briefly tell us a little about yourself and your event management company?

I have been working as an international event manager since 2005 and have done numerous events overseas as well as in Pakistan for the various head of states including USA, UK, Brunei, World Economic Forum, Jordan, Malaysia & Switzerland. Lately I am more focused on hosting my TV talk show called Celebrity Lounge on PTV home.

Tell our readers a little about your show Celebrity Lounge season 2?

I have always had the interest of TV hosting. I started as a segment host on a morning show with Ayesha Sana in 2009 and in 2015 started my own talk show called The Celebrity Lounge on PTV home with my co-host supermodel Cybil Chowdhry.  This month I will be premiering season 2 of my talk show but this season my co-host is Nadia Hussain.

Are you looking forward to interview any specific celebrity for the show?

The biggest dream was to interview my life time favorite Shahnaz Sheikh which came true in season 1.

Any personality from the industry you call your best friend/ how did you guys form your friendship?

My 4 am friend is Ayesha Sana who guides me in my hosting career and tells me the rights & wrongs of hosting such as body posture, poise, vocabulary etc.

What was the first event you planned when you started the company?

The first event was a cultural show in KL in Malaysia for PNCA where we presented the various colorful segments of Pakistani wedding.

What kind of persuasion technique do you use to make the client understand your value?
I don’t. People know the difference between Aldo & Christian Louboutin.

What’s the craziest thing you have done in life?

I once produced a TV play and went crazy. OMG!!!!

If you ever get stuck at the airport, what would you be doing in the mean time?

Instagramming, tweeting & facebooking.

How do you guys understand the requirement of the client? Do you follow any special technique?
Only one technique. My way or the highway.

 Event management is a work where anything can fall out of place if not handled properly, how do you cope up with such stressful situations, what’s your mantra to deal with that?
Patience which I was taught by my mentor the renowned Naeem Tahir.

Any incident where you recall that you thought you will not be able to handle the crisis but still managed to get out of it gracefully. Share that with our readers…

It was one of my international shows in Jordan for WEF. Our makeup team took so long with the hair & styling that it was impossible to get all the models get ready on time. So in the end I told everyone that you have 15 minutes to get on stage so do whatever you do but be ready. All the models did gelled back hair put on lipstick kajal in their eyes themselves. OMG it was chaos but somehow we managed it. We were doing a show for Queen Rania.

What’s next on your list?

Celebrity Lounge season 2.


Quick Bits:


You love: food & IT shows.

One wish: to make a film.

Pet peeve: Rating race in news channels.

Dog or a cat person: I have 2 dogs. Scooter is lab & Ace is Rottweiler.

One habit of yours you love: Passionate about my work.

One habit of yours you would like to change: Eating habits.

You love to spend your money on: Food.

Your favorite movie of all time: Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna by Karan Johar.

Snapchat or Instagram: Instagram.

Nutella or Peanut Butter? None.

Who was the last person you got a text from? My friend Hamid from NY.

Last book you read? Karan Johar’s Unsuitable Boy.

All time celebrity crush? Julia Roberts.

Favorite TV series of all time? Tanhaiyan & Dhoop Kinare.

Biggest fear? Loosing loved ones.

You spend more of your money on? Traveling & eating.

Morning person or a night owl? Night owl .

Favorite pizza topping? Cheese.

Hosting for you is? A great experience and loving every bit of it.

Favorite city in Pakistan? In the world is Islamabad.

Ideal breakfast? Egg sunny side up with paratha & tea.


Say one word for the following:

Mawra Hocane: Pretty

Nadia Hussain: Lady Tarzan

Hina Dilpazeer: Versatile

Sunita Marshal: Stunning

Maria Wasti: #BFF

Ayesha Omar: Adorable

Momina Mustehsan: The new age sensation

Tony: Melodious

Mahnoor Baloch: Evergreen Beauty

Jia Ali: Experimental

Asim Azhar: Young

Ayesha Sana: Bright