The Many Sides of Azerbaijan 

There are amazing things all around us. And even more so, amazing destinations. Hidden treasures that are just waiting to be explored. One such place is Azerbaijan- the Land of Fire which is an exotic country in western Asia and eastern Europe.The boundary of eastern Europe and western Asia marks the Caucasus crossing a handful of countries, even more, autonomous republics and five time zones. And it’s one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse places in the world. Within a short distance of Baku, you could be hiking in the Caucasus among steep gorges, ravines and plains stretching far into the distance. The diversity in landscape gives you the chance to explore the vast natural beauty of Azerbaijan and make every hike different.
Let’s dive into and discover how Azerbaijan definitely deserves a spotlight on your bucket list of places to explore and marvel into!

Physically, Azerbaijanis are a mixture between Iranians and Turks, but they wear a Russian cap. They speak both Azerbaijani (a Turkish dialect) and Russian.Azerbaijan was the first Islamic country ever to declare itself a democratic and secular Republic ( in 1918).It was also the first Muslim country to open a theater. That is a major deal considering how conservative Muslim countries have been for thousands of years. A lot of people wonder what Azerbaijan is known for. Azer means fire. Infernos have a lot of ties with Azerbaijan culture, from the flame towers to Zoroastrian fire temples and burning water. One of the most famous sites to see is Yanar Dag – Burning Mountain. The biggest beauty of this country has to be its amazing nature. Azerbaijan has important mountains, rivers and untouched nature that are visited during the winter months as well as during the summer and spring months. The culture is very diverse with a combination of historical, religious and traditional traits creating modern Azerbaijan. Tea culture, traditional society, relationship with fire, their language and not to mention their amazing hospitality would be just some of the cultural traits of Azerbaijan.
There has definitely been a rise in visitors, for the very reason how this place promised to bring the best to its visitors. Travelling to new, exotoic places is what many people desire now. And looking at how the social media feeds of many wanderlusts consists of fascinating sights and sounds of this divine land, it comes as no surprise how it’s the ultimate favorite nowadays!

Food Oh’ So Good!
Azerbaijan tea culture is hugely important to locals and dates back to medieval times. Azerbaijanis have a strong tradition with tea and also perform ancient ceremonies for guests showing friendliness and hospitality. You will usually be served spiced black tea with a cube of sugar and locals traditionally dip the sugar into the tea and take a bite before sipping. Rulers were afraid of getting poisoned and if the sugar reacted when it was dipped into the tea, they believed someone was trying to kill them.
The cuisine in Azerbaijan is a mixture of various cuisines from around the world. It will not disappoint! Mostly consisting of mutton, beef and poultry as locals don’t eat pork. Herbs and spices are also used regularly with a particular favourite towards the herb saffron. Azerbaijan traditional food would include Piti (soup made of mutton, vegetables and chickpeas cooked and served in a clay dish), Lavanagi (chicken or fish stuffed with nuts, herbs and spices) and Dolma (cabbages leaves or vine leaves filled with minced meat, rice, and herbs).
When it comes to getting the most out of your tourism experience, you have to look at ways in which you will be getting the most from your travel Tourists can experience ancient human settlements dating back 40,000 years in Gobustan (Qobustan) southwest of Baku, Inside the national park, carvings cover the rocks and cave walls once believed to provide shelter for humans after the ice age. Azerbaijan is a strange place full of fire, bubbling mud volcanoes, musical rocks and vast amounts of natural reserves. Tourists have several opportunities to experience life-changing moments when they visit the Land of Fire and something new.


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