The most beginner friendly eye-shadow palette in the market!

Zay Beauty is a contemporary makeup brand committed to making makeup “fun” and “easy”. The brand promise is to provide best quality trendy makeup on a budget. “I firmly believe that every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful and confident..”

MOD SKOT eye shadow palette is the first eye shadow palette put to sale by Zainab. Keep reading to find out more about the palette!


I am delighted to introduce to you the very first premium eyeshadow palette of Pakistan, The MOD SKOT eye shadow palette by Zay Beauty.

I launched Zay Beauty with the vision to create premium quality and easy to use makeup products. The MOD SKOT eyeshadow palette is the most beginner friendly palette in the market and here is why. I called it MOD SKOT because I wanted it to have a very Pakistani look and feel and also gave Pakistani female names to the shades in the palette for the same reason.


The shades in the palette are divided into four sections called the lid metallic’s, crease blenders, dimensionals and brighteners.


These shadows from each section focus on a particular area on the eye, i.e. lids, crease, outer corners and brow bone. Of course, the techniques differ from person to person, but the basic concept is the same.


Lid Metallic’s:

The lid metallic’s are 8 super-shiny and buttery metallic shades which go on the eyelids. These can be applied with a synthetic brush or fingers.


Crease Blenders:

The crease blenders are 4 matte shadows which are perfect to enhance your eye crease. These are to be applied using a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush.



These 3 matte shades are the darkest shadows in the palette and are used to define the eyes shape. The black in this row is the blackest eyeshadow you have or will ever see.



The brighteners are the highlight shades, they are perfect to highlight the inner corner and brow bone of the eyes.


PRO TIP: Choose one shadow from each section and apply them to the respective area on the eye…viola, your eye makeup is done!


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