“The Ultimate Desi Wedding Check List” by Redah Misbah

“The Ultimate Desi Wedding Check List” by Redah Misbah

social diariesWedding season is coming! I am quite sure a lot of you pretty ladies out there, are planning a winter wedding too. As our bridal campaigns roar and we get bookings for bridal make up, I am doing a series of wedding prep blogs to get you started. Here is my ultimate wedding checklist:

  1. Budgeting

The first step to planning any wedding is to know exactly what kind of budget you are working with. This helps you in the long run as you decide how much to spend on your dresses, make up, venue – well pretty much everything right? As you plan your wedding you will realize you can get some great things done, even in a limited budget. In fact I encourage you to save on the wedding and splurge on your honeymoon!

  1. Bridal Dresses

Your dresses for the occasions should be your top priority, this need to be decided and placed on top priority. I have heard a ton of awful stories with brides booking their wedding dresses too late and ending up not getting exactly what they desired so before you go hunting for anything else, go hunting for your wedding dress.

  1. Venues

If you’re getting married in peak wedding season, this needs to be top priority too! If you’re having a winter wedding, go crazy by having it outdoors. But if you are getting hitched in the summer, play it safe with an indoor venue.

  1. Caterers

Food is one of the most important part of any desi wedding, you know it, I know it, well pretty much everyone who has been to a desi wedding knows that the FOOD is essential. Even though we have many restrictions these days, you have to take care of your guests by taking care of the food.

  1. Make up

This one is a major essential too, but considering most makeup artists take multiple brides in a day, you may get a chance to be thorough on this one. Don’t necessarily go with what is hip and happening these days; instead find someone unique who will take good care of you and your make up.

  1. Wedding Invites

So I’ve noticed lately that a lot of people won’t go all out on their invite and instead are resorting e-invites or even just emails in order to invite guests to their weddings. Scratch that, make inviting your guests more personal and add to your memory box an eternal, tangible memory of your big day.

  1. Photographer (Coverage)

Never compromise on the guy who is going to store in time, your most memorably day. We know how expensive it is to book a photographer/coverage of weddings these days but then why shouldn’t it be?

These were just some of the most essential checklist points for desi weddings, I suggest you start a wedding book and make sure you take everything down. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and every woman deserves to enjoy it!



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