Tips to prevent homes from “Monsoon Rain”

Tips to prevent homes from “Monsoon Rain”

Monsoon is here and raindrops have been pouring in your city for quite some time now. During the season of sudden downpours not only do you need to carry an umbrella at all times but you also need to take good care of your health. Wait, did you forget something? How about protecting your homes? Check out some interesting tips to keep your homes dry and safe when it’s raining cats and dogs outside. These few tips will help you enjoy a clean, dry and disease free home. Happy Monsoon!

  1. Repaired Your Top Roof

The first and most essential thing is to repair the roof of your house. Make sure you call your plumber and get your roof systematically checked before Monsoon arrives to avoid water dropping from your ceiling and give you nightmares after the first spell of rain itself.

  1. Strong Eye on Drainage system

Prior to the season of downpours hits your city, verify you check your seepage framework. Verify that the downpour drains are introduced the other way of your home and have a legitimate outlet. Along these lines water won’t go into your home. Likewise guarantee that the water from your channels don’t get inside your home.

  1. Painting is important

Painting your homes is another way to keep your home dry during the Monsoon. Paint your house at least once in every 5 years. At the point when the outside of the dividers get to be wet because of the downpours, breaks bring about water saturating one’s homes.

  1. Filled your wall

Get those cracks filled in your walls before Monsoon arrives. Also, make sure you get your homes tested for termites. In case you have wooden flooring in your homes, which requires even more attention.

  1. Wax, Wax

When it rains, wooden floors and entryways retain more dampness; you can apply wax to it and keep that additional dampness. Amid Monsoon, you ought to attempt not utilizing covers as a part of your homes. Keep your floors free from greater mats. Use bamboo or elastic tangles that can assimilate water effectively rather than the ones made with fabric.


“Painting your homes is another way to keep your home dry during the Monsoon. Paint your house at least once in every 5 years.”



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