Up-close and Exclusive with Sarah Gandapur

Join Social Diary as we get an exclusive insight into Sarah Gandapur and her liking for Sonica Jewellers.

  1. Tell us who Sarah Gandapur is?

Well, that’s a complex question to answer as you can never really define who you are. But if I were to describe myself in words I would say that I am a dreamer, believer, animal lover, traveller and a creator of art whether it’s fashion designing, writing, styling, art direction or being a media personality. I like to portray through my work, my creativity & attitude towards life that kind of make me who I am.

  1. To what do you attribute your success?

My mother’s undying belief in me and my father for trusting me and Allah for never disappoints me. At the end of the day, it all comes down to realizing your own potential, knowing when to avail an opportunity and hard work.

Being original also helps a lot, mostly in our field of work there is a lot of plagiarism and copying so you want to do inspired work but not copy paste. I have made a name for myself by staying true to my own creativity and I think that has majorly contributed to my success. Alhamdulillah!


  1. Do you enjoy being in front of the camera or being at the designing board?

I have always been more of an extrovert, what you call- a people’s person. So I guess starting designing while I was still a student at Fashion school, contributed to me being confident and creative at the designing board. When you start at an early age, you become pretty comfortable behind and in front of the camera. 0So to answer your question I guess I enjoy both.


  1. What makes Sonica Jewellers different than other brands?

The simple fact that they have earned a name in the field of jewellery design for their uniqueness, high standards and dependability over the decades and passed it on through their generations of jewellers who cater to a loyal and extremely satisfied clientele. At Sonica Jewellers you are welcomed as a family member and your happy occasions become their own and that not something you find with many other brands.

  1. How do you take out the time for your personal life, specifically with so much going on around you?

Well after I lost my mother a couple years back it totally changed my perspective on life. You don’t realise the level of loss unless you have lost one of your own. It’s a reminder of how short life is. And you don’t want to spend it being a workaholic. So try to prioritize between work and family. And that really helps.

So, I spend time quality with my family and pets – my cats and dogs and being an animal rights activist also I try to promote my cause.

Brand: Sonica Jewellers

Model: Sarah Gandapur

Fashion Designer:  Wasim Khan

Hair & Makeup : Ayaan

Photographer: Waqar Ahmed Butt


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