Wall color extravaganza

Interior designers from around the world express their best picks for coloring of the living room wall in this week’s “home”.


  1. Hyper Blue Living Room

Designer Sara Story lacquered the walls in a custom ocean blue color in the family room of this pre-war New York City apartment. The shiny walls help bounce light across the space, giving a bright and open feel.

  1. Chinoiserie Red Living Room

“Strongly hued colors, like exotic chinoiserie red, give homes a sense of impactful design,” designer Scot Meacham Wood says. And this is proven by the book shelves in this living room, designed by Marshall Watson.

  1. Bold Yellow Living Room

The custom yellow paint job in this New Jersey living room is warm and offset by blue, coral, and ocher accents. “You’ve really got to sell your client on a yellow-lacquered living room,” designer Michael Maher says.

  1. Black Fox Living Room

Designer Kristin Kong hid a door to the basement behind millwork painted in Sherwin-Williams Black Fox in her home near Atlanta. The ­trick “makes the room look less choppy,” she says, since the dark color helps everything blend together.

  1. Colorhouse Clay Living Room

Located in an iconic Manhattan apartment building, Sarah Bengur’s studio has a personality all of its own. The warm coral walls, painted Colorhouse Clay .07, set off the neutral and colorful decor brilliantly.

  1. Bridal Pink Living Room

In a San Francisco house designed by Stephen Shubel, the living room walls are painted Benjamin Moore’s Bridal Pink, a soft color balanced by the deep browns and the earth textures in the room.

  1. Cantaloupe Living Room

To warm up the Sheetrock interior, the expansive living room is glazed a “juicy cantaloupe color that makes everyone smile,” designer Ashley Sharpe says. Even the coffered ceiling subtly picks up the tropical punch.

  1. Ebony Living Room

A new house with the look of an old cabin with soft, washed-out colors and ebony wood walls. Designer Susan Ferrier chose a chandelier by Phillips Metal Works to make a lofty living room feel more intimate.


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