WAQAR BUTT Supermodel

Exclusive Interview:

Pakistan fashion industry is growing every day…”


Waqar Butt’s name is on everyone’s lips. The boy created a world of unparalleled glamour and his work can be seen in some of fashion’s most innovative segments. Waqar’s distinctive style speaks for itself, but the stories behind the scenes are just as interesting as the pictures themselves. You can explore amazing things of him; by reading an exclusive interview in Social Diary……

  1. Super celebrity face that has reached a huge amount of success with a steady career growth. Does that put a LOT of pressure on you, and if yes how are you dealing with it?

Yes it does, but I think this pressure makes me strive to work harder, dream a bigger dream and makes me more competitive in today’s modeling field. One needs to know how to handle pressure in this field as it’s very demanding.

2. Tell us about your first exposure to modeling? What are your experiences while you are growing up?
I always wanted to be a part of media industry. Billboards, TV dramas and silver screen always excited me too much. I do it because I love doing it.

3. How supportive are your family and friends with your profession?
Being from a well educated background & modest family, it took me 3 years to convince my parents. My family is now my biggest supporter & without their blessing success is not possible. In fact my dear mother still wakes me up for my early morning shoots as I hate waking up early in the morning.

4. What is the best part of your work? What is the hardest?
The best part is being in the limelight; fans idealize you as their role model which makes your work worth it. The hardest part is to maintain that stardom overtime.

5. What does success mean to you?
Success means respect to me, when even your rivals start respecting you (even if they don’t like you) it means you are successful.

6. Who or what inspired you to become a celebrity?
Mohammad Ali.
He inspired me not just through his amazing boxing career but as a humble humanitarian he became through His career. I am deeply inspired by how he explained existence of ALLAH to non believers in his different seminars and speeches. I pray that one day I too reach a stage where I can influence people in their life in a very positive way.

7. How do you face criticism?

Initially I used to get really upset whenever I used to face any kind of criticism but gradually I realized that positive criticism is my best friend and in my best interest. Nothing helps me get better at what I do than positive criticism, it is my antidote.

8. Everyone knows Waqar Butt, through different styles performed by him but no one knows real person behind these styles, and tell us something about your person?
I am a very simple and straight forward person in general. I am extrovert and short tempered, though I am trying hard to change that. In future, I want to inspire people to live healthy, fit and goal oriented life.

9. Was there any other career in which you were interested in before you stepped into the showbiz?
I was actually studying to be an Accountant before I started modeling so if I wouldn’t have been a model I might have ended up becoming a Chartered Accountant. Media/fashion industry was always my dream job, “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life”.

10. As you are so attractive and charming so your fans need to know about your matrimony making plans?
Probably in the next 3 to 4 years, I will but being an entrepreneur I have goals to achieve before I settle down. Once I am satisfied with my career progress as a model and my Paragon Studio & Salon have achieved the vision I have for them.

11. How do you see the future of Pakistan’s fashion industry?
Pakistan fashion industry is growing every day. Pakistani designers/ textiles are exploring new markets outside Pakistan and its creating a softer image of Pakistan in the world. That’s one thing we need to portray and work hard on as a Pakistani. We are as peace loving, talented, hard working nation as any other in the world.

12. Can you talk about a fan encounter that completely took you by surprise?
Yes, I remember last year I was at a shoot at Shahi Qila and there were a group of school girls watching me during the shoot. One of them came to me for an autograph, she couldn’t find a paper and pen so she gave me a tissue paper and her KAJAL for the autograph. That was really sweet of her and I was very fascinated by the love people show.

13. Any message to our upcoming new faces?
I would like to quote Silver Stallone from one of my favorite movie rocky: ‘It aint about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward, It’s how much can you take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done! So no matter what happens, KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

“For the love of Waqar’s fashion choice”:

1. Things you carry in your pocket now days?
Just my phone & wallet, I keep it simple.
2. Due to sweating what hairstyles you use to make?
I have tried it all, from long hair to spikes. I have done it all.
3. Formal shoes or loafers?
4. Addicted to which mobile game app?
Never been addicted to any mobile gaming app.
5. Dressing you would love to do in winter evenings?
Blue jeans, white t-shirt and black jacket.
6. What diet intake you are taking now days?
These days I am on high protein low carbs diet. I love eating fish in particular.
7. Cotton pants or jeans?
Jeans! Any day.
8. Perfume you wear?
Tom Ford.
9. What makes you impatient?
Not enough sleep, being late & if my stomach is empty I am not in a good mood. Self improving on these to be in more control.
10. Addicted to? 
Watching my favorite TV serials Castle, Rules of Engagement and Big Bang Theory.
11. Your mentor/inspiration?
Allama Muhammad Iqbal.
12. Any celeb crushes?
Madhu Bala, Aishwarya Rai, Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson and the list goes on…
13. Most typical Pakistani thing about me?
I hate waiting in queue for my turn probably the most Pakistani thing about me.
14. When are you happiest?
When Pakistan cricket team wins a match.
15. Favorite piece of furniture at your home?
My bed.
16. Describe your ideal fun night out?
Any night out with my ‘Jigers’ is ideal fun night out.



“Being from a well educated background & modest family, it took me 3 years to convince my parents. My family is now my biggest support & without their blessing success is not possible…”


In the future I want to inspire people to live healthy, fit and goal oriented life…!!!