When Dads Take Charge! Best of Father Parenting Moves

There is no denying the fact that when it comes to parenting your kid, both parents play a very strong role. Sure there may be major differences in both ways, but know this- it is essential that you value and realize how these differences will probably make your kid’s personality even stronger. Definitely you will be having instances where you think “what is he thinking?” So sometimes rather than trying to make sense of it all, I want to share some of the things your husband is doing which actually work great. So let’s look into some of those things which the husband would know better of:

Hinting on Adventure
For one thing, a father is usually someone who builds up on getting the adventurous streak up. If you look at how infant swim classes are, you’ll see that fathers tend to hold their paddling babies from behind so they’re looking forward (encouraging exploration) whereas most mothers prefer to be in front of their child (providing comfort and protection). This trend tends to continue throughout childhood. Mom’s goal is to keep her kids safe, whereas Dad’s is to get them to climb to the very top of the monkey bars, ride the extreme roller coaster, and sleep in the woods.
Everyday is Fun
As it turns out, your partner can definitely inject fun into anything which is mundane. Fathers don’t just feed babies; they pretend the spoon is a Black Hawk helicopter. They don’t merely hold a child; they toss her in the air to simulate flying. Why it’s great fathers instinctively realize that young children tend to learn through play. Do it his way- be more creative with mundane tasks. If getting your kids to brush is like, well, pulling teeth, make up a goofy song to get them to cooperate. You will be amazed by how even the simplest of tasks can suddenly become all the more fun.Sometimes you wouldn’t even know it but it so happens, that you can take on any kind of activity which will suddenly become all the more fun.
Acting Childish

There’s just something great about the way you can act all giddy and childish with your children. Experts suggest how when you are able to let your guard down, you can attain so much. We have seen it- don’t preach, practice. So it matters how you are able to make the most of your abilities to interact with your children and it leads to the opening of many possibilities. The long-term effects of physical play are exactly the opposite of what you might expect. Rather than encouraging aggressiveness, it actually helps establish boundaries (“No biting; stay away from the eyes”) and teaches self-control (“Okay, that’s enough”).
Fathers Set the Bar
Fathers not only influence who we are inside, but how we have relationships with people as we grow. The way a father treats his child will influence what he or she looks for in other people. Friends, lovers, and spouses will all be chosen based on how the child perceived the meaning of the relationship with his or her father. The patterns a father sets in the relationships with his children will dictate how his children relate with other people.This is an extremely important element to know of which allows the children to know of their self-worth.
Emotional Development Factor
Fathers, like mothers, are pillars in the development of a child’s emotional well-being. Children look to their fathers to lay down the rules and enforce them. They also look to their fathers to provide a feeling of security, both physical and emotional. Children want to make their fathers proud, and an involved father promotes inner growth and strength. Studies have shown that when fathers are affectionate and supportive, it greatly affects a child’s cognitive and social development. It also instills an overall sense of well-being and self confidence.These things really matter. A father may not be getting things done in the same way but the kind of role they play, is going to bring the whole picture into clear focus and allow you to bring up children confident and fun, the best of both worlds from two amazing parents.



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