Yays & Nays at the 2017 Oscars

Who won and lost at the red carpet on Hollywood’s biggest night?



Charlize Theron

Charlize wore Dior gown. What an appearance by her in this pretty looking gown. We just can’t get her eyes off her.

Emma Stone

Givenchy couture is what you wear when you are pretty sure you’re going to be looking at photos of this evening for the rest of your life. But, win or lose, it’s also the dress you wear when your post-ceremony plans involve kicking up your heels to celebrate the end of awards season and the beginning, maybe, of your vacation.

Halle Berry

We love Halle’s coif; it’s so refreshing and cool to see her change it up, and on such a high-profile night. If only her Versace were giving us equal life. It’s looks like a perfectly reasonable evening gown got sabotaged by someone who’s trying to invent Charmin for Funeral Homes.

Nicole Kidman in Armani

This color is tough to pull off without looking washed-out or wan, but in this elegant Armani, Nicole easily reminds us why she’s been a red carpet mainstay for 20 years and counting. Thus far, her awards season has been peppered with wacky, dramatic frocks — so it’s a refreshing change to see her turn down the quirkiness for the Oscars without blowing out the flame entirely.


Dakota Johnson

Johnson’s long-sleeve, ecru Gucci with a high neckline is a tad matronly for the starlet. It’s a lot of fabric, in a color that doesn’t necessarily flatter the ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ star’s complexion.

Felicity Jones

While Jones’ glam is on point, the color of the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story star’s Dior gown washes her out.

Leslie Mann

Mann’s Zac Posen dress really brightens up the red carpet, but the billowing silhouette overwhelms the How to Be Single actress. A sleek column shape would’ve made this look timeless.

Olivia Culpo

The good news is Culpo’s Marchesa dress brought attention to the global water crisis, the bad news is the black belt was distracting. Culpo told Ryan Seacrest that the dress is made with pieces from a Stella Artois chalice in partnership with Water.org, which when purchased, provides five years of clean water.

Ryan Gosling

Hey girls, placing La La Land’s Sebastian on this list hurts us as much as it hurts you. But the ruffled Gucci shirt with contrasting seams is tough to swallow.


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