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The Summer Footwear!



When it comes to sibling rivalry, there is always the same issue- why does it even exist and how are parents to handle it well and stop being the referee for the...

Getting the Lemon Magic to Work! How Your Skin Will Thank You!

It has been around for ages. The ultimate and leading source to quench the thirst during these very hot months. This summer favorite is loaded with vitamin C, flavonoids...

Heard of Turmeric Coffee? Dive Right into Why You Should Be Drinking It

Turmeric, known as the golden spice, can enhance the flavor of your coffee, but can it help your health? Itis used liberally as a colorant and has a peppery kick that...

Get the Spotlight on You! Here’s How You Carve Out More “Me Time” Every Day

By Umair Hameed Sometimes all you need is some alone time dedicated to your own self. It doesn’t even have to be making fancy appointments at the spa or hitting the...

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