In Conversation with Dr.Joharia Azhar

Get those pearly whites to shine in confidence as we speak to Dr. Joharia Azhar. She is a Professor in Oral pathology & medical education, a consultant laser dentist, cosmetologist, and aesthetic physician. One of the pioneers of Laser dentistry and Laser-assisted Pain control clinics, Dr.Joharia has practiced in and around Rawalpindi and Islamabad since 2005. She gives...

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In Conversation with Urooba Faizan

While some may consider looking good and the dynamics of makeup as being frivolous, the fact is it does hold some power, allowing women to showcase their confidence and embrace their individuality. Just ask makeup artist and content creator Urooba Faizan who is allowing women to come out of their shells and embrace colors, conveying mood and defining...

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In Conversation with Samiya Mumtaz

One of the most versatile and supremely talented artists in our entertainment industry is a true representation of what stories of substance and deeply layered characters mean. Samiya Mumtaz is a theatrical genius who doesn't associate her supreme acting prowess with any glam quotient. In fact, her acting is mainly powered by her eagerness to pursue her main...

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In Conversation with DR. AYESHA ISANI MAJEED

This year, Social Diary Magazine aimed to destigmatize discussions around breast cancer especially when it comes to men playing a strong role in voicing support for women in their lives.  Open conversations about breast health can reduce fear and anxiety associated with breast cancer, making it easier for individuals to seek help and support. We conclude this month...

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More Than Just a Pretty Face! Spotlight on A Woman’s Ferocious Drive to End Pakistan’s Poverty

At first glance, Kanwal Cheema does have an uncanny resemblance to a Bollywood actress, but that is where the similarity ends, for this entrepreneur and philanthropist has committed herself to the cause of eradicating poverty in Pakistan, as she implements the dynamics of technology to ensure charitable efforts are yielding transparent, traceable and visible results. The founder and...

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Giving You A Daily Dose of Motivation!

Every person is destined to play a role in society, and some are able to create profound goodness with just their mere existence. Saman Hayat Soomro didn't set out to become a digital personality but she had all the traits to give out positive vibes and make a difference. Aiming to tackle the stereotype perception of Pakistani women,...

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