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Artificial Intelligence (AI) & How It Can Change Storytelling in Pakistan’s Entertainment Industry!

In the heart of Tinseltown, where dreams dance on celluloid and aspirations cling to every frame, a bold narrative is unfurling: the rise of Artificial Intelligence in the realm of cinema. The prospect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) making significant strides in the Pakistani entertainment industry is an intriguing one, laden with both possibilities and challenges. In recent years,...

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Google Meet vs. Zoom

Being able to have a real-time conference where you can connect has become part of the normal routine. Google Meet and Zoom are both popular video conferencing platforms that are widely used for online meetings, webinars, and virtual events. But which one's better? Here's a comparison of some key features and aspects of both platforms:   Google Meet...

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Motorolla bringing style to the tech world! Wearable mobiles for the wrist!

Foldable Mobiles: Innovation in the World of Technology F oldable mobiles, also known as foldable smartphones or foldable devices. They are a new and exciting innovation in the world of mobile technology. These devices feature flexible displays that can be folded or unfolded, allowing for a unique and versatile user experience. The concept of foldable mobiles is to...

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Identifying Unhealthy Social Media Behavior!

No matter how much someone advocates how social media does wonders for you, the fact is there are some definite unhealthy social media behaviors you need to keep an eye on when it comes to your children. These can have negative impacts on their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. There are some definite worrisome signs you need to...

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About time Pakistan embraces endless opportunities of PayPal

H aving a PayPal account is important for various reasons. It provides a secure and convenient way to make online payments, receive payments from others, and transfer money internationally. It's widely accepted by online merchants and can be linked to your bank account or credit card for seamless transactions. Additionally, PayPal offers buyer protection and dispute resolution services,...

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Iphone 15: The future is here!

  A   pple's got something exciting in store for us this September! Get ready to witness the unveiling of the iPhone 15, new Apple Watches, and more. Stay tuned for details on how and when to catch the event live. Mark your calendars for September 12th, 2023! Apple's iPhone 15 event, dubbed "Wonderlust," will be live from...

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8 AI Websites to save you hours of boring work

  T he era of AI is an exciting time where artificial intelligence is transforming various industries. It has the potential to revolutionize technology, healthcare, transportation, and more. AI offers new opportunities and challenges, and it's fascinating to witness its impact on our lives. Here are 8 AI websites that will save you hours of boring monotonous work....

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