Reconnecting With an Estranged Family Member

The Importance of Reconnecting Family, the bedrock of our lives, often provides love, support, and a sense of belonging. But sometimes, family relationships become strained, leading to estrangement among members. In these moments, it's vital to understand the significance of reconnecting with estranged family members and explore effective ways to mend these broken bonds. Healing Emotional Wounds Estrangement...

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The Artistic Adventure: Crafting Magic with Clay

A midst a world dominated by screens and gadgets, an exhilarating escape awaits—a journey that entices with every squeeze and twist. It's the realm of clay, where creativity flourishes without limits. Join us, whether you're in Pakistan or anywhere worldwide, as we embark on an enchanting journey through the mesmerizing world of clay crafting. The Clay Canvas Pottery...

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Transforming the Fashion Industry to Combat Workplace Harassment

W orkplace harassment remains a persistent issue affecting individuals across diverse industries, with the fashion industry being no exception. This problem encompasses unwelcome behaviors that demean, intimidate, or create hostile work environments, taking various forms such as verbal, physical, psychological, or sexual abuse. Despite some progress, it is evident that more extensive efforts are necessary to establish a...

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Editor’s Pick

Mahira is Back People! Whenever you see the name Mahira Khan attached to a project, instantly you know it is going to turn out to be something big and important. Razia's first teaser holds a lot of promise.  The Maula Jatt star’s comeback will be on a plot focused on female empowerment and it seems Mahira Khan will...

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Navigating Errand Paralysis Understanding Its Impact on the Mind and Body

In our fast-paced modern world, individuals often find themselves juggling multiple responsibilities, tasks, and errands on a daily basis. However, an intriguing phenomenon known as "errand paralysis" has emerged as a subtle yet potent contributor to stress and mental exhaustion. This article delves into the concept of errand paralysis, its implications, and the impact it has on the...

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