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Rawalpindi Express: Shoaib Akhtar Biopic – Unveiling the Legend’s Journey

I n a surprising turn of events, the fresh teaser for the Shoaib Akhtar biopic titled "Rawalpindi Express" has been unveiled amidst an ongoing legal dispute between Shoaib Akhtar and the film's production team. The new trailer of "Rawalpindi Express" provides a sneak peek into the life of the cricketing legend, Shoaib Akhtar. The preview delves into poignant...

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Hajra Yamin’s Shocking Rejection by Green TV

H ajra Yamin, a remarkably talented actress, has been making waves in the Pakistani entertainment industry with her exceptional acting skills and diverse character portrayals. With a clear career goal in mind, she has been selecting strong and impactful roles that have showcased her range as an actress. As she graces our screens in projects like "Wonderland," "Jindo,"...

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Uniting India and Pakistan with Love and Peace

B ollywood actor Sunny Deol, in the excitement of his upcoming film 'Gadar 2', has expressed a heartfelt message of love and peace between the people of India and Pakistan. The talented actor, who will reprise his iconic role as 'Tara Singh', believes that the citizens of both countries share mutual affection and goodwill, but political games are...

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Criticism Mounts on Drama ‘Tere Ishq Ke Naam’ Over Food Wastage Scene

Drama serial, 'Tere Ishq Ke Naam,' directed by Ahmed Bhatti and penned by Maha Malik, has garnered a massive fan following, especially for the captivating love track between characters Rutba and Khursheed, portrayed by Usama Khan and Hiba Bukhari, respectively. Despite its decent viewership and fan appreciation, the show now faces criticism over a particular scene that has...

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Ishq Murshid

G et ready to be captivated by the mesmerizing first look of 'Ishq Murshid,' featuring the charismatic Bilal Abbas Khan alongside the stunning Durefishan Salem. Brace yourself for an extraordinary tale of love, passion, and exhilarating performances in this eagerly awaited drama, directed by the talented Farooq Rind. With fans eagerly anticipating the first-time on-screen pairing of this...

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Khushhal Khan and Dananeer Mobeen Spark Controversy with Love Angle

T he captivating on-screen pairing of Khushhal Khan and Dananeer Mobeen in the popular drama "Mohabbat Gumshuda Meri" has ignited a fervor among fans in Pakistan and India. However, the portrayal of teenage romance in the series has stirred up controversy, leaving audiences questioning the authenticity of the love angle. Let's explore the intrigue surrounding this controversial plotline...

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