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The designer behind Hijab-Eaze brings up the latest Hijab trends for 2015.


She is a well known host of Pakistan who has served the media for 16 years as an Actress, Model, and Anchor person & as a background voice over artist.
In 2011, she left Showbiz when she was at the peak of her career in the month of Muharram; she decided to leave the morning show that she was hosting when she got convinced while researching what Islam says regarding woman’s Hijab. Urooj currently is doing very selective work for the media considering her limitations, values & principles. Along that currently she owns a brand ‘Hijab-Eaze’, where all types of hijabs are available. Here Social Diary took her exclusive interview for our readers, so that you can get to know about her other side closely and to know about the latest hijab trends. So have a look..!!

When did you take the decision to leave acting?
It has been more than 9 years.Hijab3-290x290

Our readers would like to know that, what makes you to take this decision.
At that point of time, things were getting open in the media, holding hands, hugging each other started to become the trend in the plays which wasn’t encouraged before. I was forced to do such acts as a part of the role and things were getting uncomfortable so I put my foot down not to do it but things were difficult to manage , so I decided to quit for my principles.

What difference do you feel in both lifestyles, now and then?
At that time I was working for money, I was running after money as I was a child and thought money is everything. I was bound to listen to the producers, television managements etc
Now I am working to make my Allah SWT happy, since I have started doing things for Allah I just have to make him happy not anyone & money, fame and happiness of this world , comes after me now . These materialistic things don’t really matter anymore as long as the heart is satisfied.

Do you still get offers from our Pakistani drama & film industry?free-ship-fashion-design-water-beads-Crystal-Brooch-hijab-pins
I don’t get any offers from film industry, but from television industry at times, but most of the people know that I quit acting so the offers are rare.

What was the reaction of your co-stars and your family about your decision of leaving glam world?
Reaction of the family was really good; especially my nano, mother & my husband were all happy, I don’t care about others. My nanoo never liked the fact that I was a part of media and she always prayed that Allah hidayat dai and I am sure Allah answered her prayers & I quit media. My mother initially thought it was just a phase but later on she realized it’s a part of me now and she always stood by me, supported me and believed in me, she is my strength. My husband felt really happy the first time I wore Hijab & Abaya. About co-stars they were shocked but I was not in touch with any of them so don’t really know what their actual reaction was.

Who’s your style inspiration? As wearing Hijab, how can we enlighten our accessories for10761566-colorful-fashion-headscarf evening parties?
When I started wearing Hijab I used to watch the tutorials on the YouTube, Amena Kin from Pearl Daisy, Saman from Makeupnhijabs, & other Hijab guru’s on the YouTube were my inspiration.

As you give tutorials, so what are the basic techniques to carry Hijab in a proper way?
First of all we need to know the real actual concept of Hijab, at times I see women wearing Abaya & Hijab on top but the hair are not covered properly, so I try to tell everyone to please understand the real concept, wear caps to cover your hair. There is one more very important thing that I always mention to cover the chest with Hijab, I see so many women covering their heads properly but they don’t cover the body properly so it’s important to clear this concept.

Which item from your wardrobe do you love the most now?
I love my poncho abaya, front open basic abaya. My choco shimmer side parted hijab cap, pearl lace hijabs with a fancy scarf pin. These are the essentials that I wear every day.

As you are running a brand label of Hijab, so tell us something about Hijab-Eaze?1621799_472684886205915_8556380550080462081_n
Hijabeaze, is a hijab-line brand based in Pakistan. It’s a small business run by me. Hijabeaze is an online store, bringing the latest fashion trends and styles to everyone. Our collections are based on current fashion so you will always be up to date with the latest styles!

Enlighten that what is the basic mission of Hijab-Eaze?
Our mission is to provide you with all your Hijabi wardrobe needs & fashionable diffident clothing for women which they can even order from their home.

What is the basic inspiration behind Hijab-Eaze?
Basic inspiration of Hijabeaze is to bring Hijab awareness to the world, especially in Pakistan. This is the country that we got in the name of Allah but we hardly see Islam around. Every institute/ organization has its uniform. Islam has introduced uniform for women & we need to follow it. Hijab differentiate us as Muslim women from the rest of the women.
Dream is not what you see when you are asleep , a dream is what that doesn’t make you sleep, my dream is to see women with Hijab on with understanding of its actual importance and I ask for help from my sisters to fulfill this dream so that I can sleep forever.

What is your targeted audience?
Elite class, middle class, lower middle class, every girl, every woman.
(The ones who can’t afford it we give those people discounts & for free also).

How can people get your stuff in all over Pakistan?
We have two outlets; we have just opened in Islamabad, Centaurus mall. And have our Flagship store in Lahore.
We have our website www.hijabeaze.com we sell on-line all over the world. Alumdullillah.

What message would you like to give those who don’t take Hijab?
There is no message but I want to ask one question to non Hijabi’s. If you are in a gathering were there are women from different religion, how would people identify you that you are a Muslim? What is your identity as a Muslim woman? When I asked this question to myself, my answer was Hijab & I decided to wear Hijab because the only answer was Hijab & than Hijabeaze came into being.
Second most important thing is that I would like to share with my non Hijabi’s sisters is when I found out that in women Kaffan there is a Hijab to cover your head , so before going to our Allah we have to cover head so why not in this world?
Third and the last thing to the non Hijabi’s, I know every woman wants to look beautiful, classy & gorgeous. I welcome all the non Hijabi’s to watch the videos on Hijabeaze channels: www.dailymotion.com/hijabeaze www.youtube.com/hijabeaze & I’m sure you will be motivated & attracted towards Hijab Insha’Allah.

What will be you message for the Hijabians?
Wear Hijab with style & smile on your face

“My husband felt really happy the first time I wore Hijab & Abaya.”

“Wear Hijab with style & smile on your face.”

“Our collections are based on current fashion so you will always be up to date with the latest styles!”


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