Nimra Khan is taking the entertainment world by storm with her mesmerizing singing talent

N  imra Khan, the talented actress and model, captivated her fans with her enchanting voice as she serenaded them with a beautiful rendition of a beloved Bollywood song that has deeply resonated with her. Nimra Khan, in a touching reel, showcased her singing prowess by delivering a heartfelt rendition of Darshan Raval's popular track "Baarishon Mein". With her...

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Evolution of Pop Music in Pakistan

P akistani music has undergone significant evolution, showcasing remarkable advancements in sound and aesthetics. Pop music gained immense popularity with the timeless track 'Ko Ko Korina' by Ahmed Rushdi in the 1960s. The creative legacy of this genre was further enriched by musical icons such as Hassan Jahangir, Alamgir, Nazia, and Zoheb in the early 1980s. The music...

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Hamza Amin-Ushna Shah’s husband won Australian National Championship

T he Australian National Open Championship is a prestigious event that showcases the talent and skills of athletes from various sports disciplines. It brings together top athletes from across the country to compete for the national title. It's a thrilling competition that celebrates the dedication, hard work, and achievements of Australian athletes. The Australian National Open Championship is...

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Komal Rizvi making Pakistan proud in USA

R   enowned Pakistani singer and Sufi-pop rock sensation, Komal Rizvi was honored with Best Sufi-pop rock Icon award by SEPMA (ShanePakistan Music Awards) here earlier today, acknowledging her outstanding contributions to the world of music, and was also awarded a citation by Hampstead Town. Gracing the stage at Jashne SEPMA 2023, celebrating Independence Day and seven years...

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The untold story of Fatimah Jinnah

F atimah Jinnah series by aur.digital is a historical drama that explores the life of Fatimah Jinnah, the sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It's supposed to be a really interesting and informative series! The Fatimah Jinnah series by aur.digital is a historical drama that explores the life of Fatimah Jinnah, the sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It's a...

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Eid Roundup.

Eid ul Adha is one of the most awaited and beautiful occasions for Muslims. There are BBQ parties and people who generally cannot afford meat get an opportunity to have good food. Beauty is also still on everyone’s minds and we get to see beautiful and traditional Eid looks. Pakistani celebrities are also not behind anyone in this...

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Ajrak: A timeless identity of history & Culture.

No article of clothing in the Indus Valley Civilization is as much a symbol of history, culture and native wisdom as Ajrak, a dexterously block printed cloth, dyed in natural agents tried and tested over centuries. It has patterns that change meanings with slightest variations in color and design. Over the centuries, the most common symbolism attached to...

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Folk Dances of Pakistan.

Dance has been an integral part of human civilization since its inception, although in varying forms and styles. It is a way of expressing joy and jubilation, and is performed through moving the body parts rhythmically and systematically, often to music. Dance helps in releasing energy, feeling relaxed, in connecting with other people, enjoying the moment. It often...

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