Election 2024

Yasir Shami dropping truth bombs on candidate’s empty promises before elections!

Yasir Shami, the truth-telling champion He is fearlessly exposing the empty promises made by candidates before elections. With his sharp wit and insightful analysis, he cuts through the political rhetoric and holds politicians accountable for their words. Yasir Shami's no-nonsense approach serves as a reality check for voters. Reminding them to look beyond the flashy promises and evaluate...

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Let your voice be heard! Ignite the flames of positive change, voting symbols of all PTI candidates.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf In the midst of election chaos, PTI suffered at the hands of election commission. Their party symbol 'BAT' is no longer applicable and all candidates are given separate election symbols. they have their online portals to help you navigate PTI candidates of Provincial and National Assembly and their respective election symbols. Here is a list of...

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Anum Faisal Malik


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