In Conversation with Noreen Gulwani

Explore the dynamic world of Noreen Gulwani, an artist unafraid to speak her mind and adept at navigating the entertainment scene. Renowned for her exceptional acting talent, she has carved a niche for herself not only in television dramas but also in the realm of cinema, earning acclaim for her stellar performance in "Nayab." However, she grapples with...

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In Conversation with Nayab Yasir

With a unique flair and unwavering confidence, Nayab Yasir embodies her style as a true expression of her artistry. As a model and digital personality, she effortlessly commands the camera. In a society where fashion can still raise eyebrows, Nayab gracefully transforms it into an avenue for embracing authenticity. Here are highlights from our interview: SD: What is...

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In Conversation with ‘Girls In The Twin Cities’

Meet Laila, Summayah, Duree, and Mariana – the fearless foursome redefining the blogging game! Breaking barriers and smashing stereotypes, these powerhouse pals are fearlessly tackling taboo topics while celebrating the strength of female friendship. Under the banner of 'Girls In The Twin Cities', they're not just blogging; they're leading a movement. From podcasts to posts, they're igniting conversations...

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In Conversation with Actor Raza Talish

Emerging as a prominent figure in the industry, actor Raza Talish has captivated audiences with his remarkable acting prowess. Whether it's his debut in "Suno Chanda" or his impactful role in "Abdullahpur Ka Devdas," Raza Talish shines as a beacon of talent, showing no signs of slowing down. In an exclusive interview with Social Diary, he delves into...

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In Conversation with Animal Activist Adeela Haq

In a country with one of the largest populations, Pakistan's progress in animal awareness and care may surprise you—it's still in its early stages. However, with emerging activists like Adeela Haq leading the way, there's hope for change. Adeela Haq is the founder of 'The Crazy Cats,' Pakistan's largest cat shelter, and she's driving progress forward. Through a...

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In Conversation with Rabica Faryal

A vibrant digital personality who is leaving a significant imprint with relatable, thought-provoking content, Rabica Faryal is highlighting the importance of nurturing children and reshaping women's connections and empowerment. In an interview with Social Diary, she emphasized her pursuit of making a difference rather than merely amassing followers. Her focus lies in reshaping societal norms and fostering positive...

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In Conversation with Actress Maryam Noor

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Maryam Noor, who serendipitously entered the dazzling realm of acting, swiftly captivating audiences and etching unforgettable characters onto the silver screen. Despite her passionate dedication to her craft, she faces the daunting reality of industry nepotism. Yet, undeterred, Maryam remains resolute in her pursuit of roles worthy of her talent, eagerly anticipating...

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In Conversation with Shahzad Nawaz

In the world of entertainment, some craft magic, inspiring and captivating audiences. Shahzad Nawaz shines as a maestro of boundless talents, effortlessly juggling roles as a film director, actor, singer, and graphic designer. His creativity knows no limits, leaving an unforgettable imprint across diverse realms of artistry. Social Diary recently caught up with this dynamic force to dive...

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In Conversation with ARTIST Mishal Adnan

Mishal Adnan embodies the essence of influential blogging, captivating her audience with engaging videos that delve deep into her emotional journey. Her foray into the field stemmed from a profound moment of loss — the passing of her mother — driving her to seek solace and expression through her craft. Mishal's ability to connect authentically with her audience...

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