Ready to step into a world of style and elegance at the grand opening of Nishat Boutique!

  T   he opening of Nishat Boutique in Defense Raya was absolutely fabulous! The store was buzzing with excitement as fashion lovers gathered to explore the latest collections. The ambiance was elegant and the staff were super friendly and helpful. From trendy outfits to stylish accessories, Nishat Boutique had it all. It's definitely a must-visit for fashion...

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Sajal Aly & Wahaj all set to celebrate the World premier of ‘The Pink Shirt” at the London Film Festival!

T he Pink Shirt Series' is an exciting and captivating collection of films. It revolves around the central theme of a pink shirt. It explores various narratives, emotions, and experiences through the lens of this iconic piece of clothing. Each film in the series tells a unique story. Showcasing the versatility and significance of the pink shirt in...

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Diabot: Pakistan’s AI-Powered diabetes support system!

There's this cool new diabetes assistant called Diabot that's helping people in Pakistan manage their diabetes! It's powered by AI and offers support in various aspects of diabetes management. According to experts, this awesome tool can assess someone's diabetes status, schedule appointments with diabetologists, and provide valuable advice on managing blood sugar levels through diet and exercise. It's...

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Anum Faisal Malik

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