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Heres Remembering Those Who Left Us

Editor’s Picks | What we fancy

Style Guru Tabesh Khoja

Tabesh Khoja, the most famous guy in fashion world talks about things close to his heart and mind in this tete-a-tete with us! What three things would you carry with you...

Tweety & Thought VS Insta Images

Tweety & Thought Vs Insta Images

To be a woman and be aware

“Social Diary brings you an account of what it is to be a woman in our society.” By Mahvish Akhtar Since childhood, we are trained to serve, whether as sisters,...


By: Sawera Ahmad Brows are back and bolder than ever. That’s right: Gone are the days that pencil thin brows were a major fad. So, what are you waiting for? It’s...